May 8, 2018
4 Great Tips for Maintaining a Condo
4 Great Tips for Maintaining a Condo
By LLCR Staff

Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Condo

Just like any apartment or single-family home, once you’ve closed on a condo, it’s your home. You need to maintain your condo not only so you can enjoy it now, but also so it maintains its value for potential future sale.

Maybe your job has you moving around every few years. Maybe this is a stepping stone to another condo or home down the road. Whatever your situation is, maintaining your condo, keeping it clean, and addressing any issues as they arise will help you reap the rewards of downtown Chicago living now and get your investment back should you decide to sell later.

How to Maintain a Condo

Here are few tips for maintaining your condo, so it retains its value, you remain a good neighbor and resident throughout your stay, and that future owners won’t have any hesitation buying it from you.

  • Keep it clean. Give your condo a good cleaning once a week or as often as you see fit. But consider doing a deep cleaning on a monthly basis. Wipe down registers, move furniture to clean the flooring beneath, address any pet stains or damage, wipe dust off baseboards, clean dirty or streaked windows and doors, wipe down the inside of your fridge and oven, clean grout, dust on top of cabinets, and so on. Use reliable cleaning solutions that kill bacteria while also preserving the sheen and luster of wood, ceramic, granite, and other high-end surfaces.
  • Make sure appliances are running smoothly. Regardless of whether your condo came fully furnished or if you purchased appliances, it’s important to keep them in good working order from the day you move into the day you move out. Clean them inside and out, test their functions, make sure plugs aren’t wearing down, and have them serviced as needed. Test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed.
  • Watch out for pests. Just because you live in downtown Chicago doesn’t mean your building is free from common pests like rodents, spiders, or termites. If you see any droppings, webs, or other signs of infestation or other unwelcome guests, take action immediately to keep the problem from getting out of hand. Contact a pest control company to help resolve the issue.
  • Follow the rules. As time passes and your tastes change, you may want to customize your condo. It’s important to follow the proper procedure for remodeling a condo — particularly since your unit is closely connected with others. One wrong move and you could have a collapsed roof or floor, or water damage that causes issues for neighbors. Talk to your association if you want to make changes to see what you can and cannot do. Once you have permission, get estimates from licensed, insured contractors.

And Keep Up with Condo Association Fees

You may not enjoy having to pay them, but condo association fees go toward maintaining certain aspects of the building apart from your condo, like exterior spaces, interior common areas, security, valet parking, etc. These services ensure your downtown Chicago living experience remains enjoyable and meaningful.

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