October 5, 2022
condo dining room ideas
5 Condo Dining Room Ideas to Create an Amazing Gathering Space
By LLCR Staff

One of the best parts about owning a home (or condo!) is hosting others in your space – and no area is better for gathering and hosting than the dining room. From game nights to formal dinners to a simple pizza night, the dining room will play host to many different events; planning for both functionality and style is an important balance as you consider how the room might be used.

5 Condo Dining Room Ideas

Whether you’re a new condo owner or simply want to refresh your dining room, continue reading for five design ideas for an amazing gathering space.

  1. Make the table the star of the show. As the biggest and most important piece of furniture in any dining room, the table and chairs set the tone for the rest of the space. Before you purchase this piece, think about what style and function the table will serve; a round table is better for wider spaces and game nights, while a long rectangular table is better-suited to an oblong room and hosting many people.
  2. Show off your individuality. Since the purpose of a dining room is to entertain, it should be a warm and welcoming space that shows off your personality. Adding family photos, heirloom plates and other personal touches will make your guests feel at home, and has the added benefit of making you feel more at home when you’re not entertaining.
  3. Don’t forget a bar area/cart. Bar carts aren’t just a trendy way to contain your alcohol; they’re an added element to hosting that allows you to provide drinks to your guests in an accessible way. Source a cart that fits your style, and ensure it’s well-stocked with the makings of classic cocktails!
  4. Add lighting. As you redo your dining room space, don’t forget to consider new lighting options – even if you already have lighting in the space. Paired with a stylish dining room table, a pendant light or chandelier adds trendiness to the room, and could have the added benefit of changing the tone of the room through more romantic (as opposed to harsh LED) lighting.
  5. Incorporate color. Color is an important aspect of a space, even if your style is more monotone or modern. Whether through a colorful statement wall, wallpaper or even the ways you accent the space with other furniture, adding color will show off your personality while keeping the space warm and inviting. 

Now that you’re well equipped with a handful of condo dining room ideas, it’s time to find your dream home!

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