March 21, 2023
small condo bathroom ideas
5 Small Condo Bathroom Ideas
By Lindsay Smith

Whether you’re a brand-new condo owner or have been in the game for a while, you know that great condo design means maximizing your space. Unlike a stand-alone house, a condo offers unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to making your area both beautiful and functional.

In no room is this adage more prevalent than the bathroom. As likely the smallest room in the house, it needs to serve many purposes while feeling clean and aesthetically pleasing; this is especially true if you’re living in a condo with one bathroom.

Read on for 5 ideas to brighten a small condo bathroom.

5 ideas for your small condo bathroom

  1. Use beautiful storage solutions. Your bathroom will doubtless need to utilize storage for toiletries, cleaning supplies and makeup. While it might be tempting to use cheap storage bins, upgrading to storage that catches the eye, like a cabinet (we like this one from Wayfair), is a simple way to maximize space while keeping things pretty.
  2. Select a color scheme. As crazy as it sounds, a small room such as a bathroom can easily become crowded if colors clash. By choosing one color or color scheme, each element of the room – from your towels to your bath mat – will feel cohesive and selected.
  3. Consider swapping out lighting. Depending on how old your condo building is, your overhead/vanity light fixture might make your bathroom look outdated (no matter how updated your decor is). While slightly more intensive, opting for more modern lighting (we like this affordable yet chic sconce from Pottery Barn) will instantly brighten (literally!) your bathroom space.
  4. Embrace tile. If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves, a tile change might be the best way to make a small bathroom space feel large. White tile, especially, catches light and instantly makes the room feel bigger and brighter. 
  5. Think vertically. As you consider storage and design solutions for your bathroom, think about showing your walls some love, too. Whether you opt for fun posters, shelving or over-the-toilet storage, adding vertical elements to the room will draw the eye upward, making your space feel tall.

No matter how you would approach taking advantage of your small condo bathroom, the Luxury Living agents are here to help you find the condo of your dreams. Reach out today or click the link below to explore more small condo design ideas!

Small Condo Design Ideas

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