February 5, 2019
Buying a Home in the Summer? Use These Tips
By LLCR Staff

Any Chicagoan will agree that there is nothing like a Chi-Town summer- from the sunny Saturdays spent lounging on the beach to the constant energy felt among the city streets.

Not only does the city come alive during this sunny season, but the real estate market heats up as well.

Take advantage of the hot Chicago market and consider buying a home in the summer.

Buying a Home in the Summer

Summer house hunters are bound to find plenty of listings on the market to choose from. While the number of listings dwindles a bit from the springtime, this means that many buyers will see price drops or sellers will be more likely to negotiate for a better deal.

If you have a family, summer makes for the ideal time to move, before the new school year starts up. It allows kids to adjust to a new home and relax before classes are back in session.

Additionally, many leases tend to end at the beginning of summer, providing the perfect window of opportunity for first time home buyers.

Selling a Home in the Summer

While spring is known as the peak season in the world of real estate, the summer is still a great time to sell. According to Realtor.com, the summer months account for 50 percent of homes sold.

Although the real estate rush slows down after May, rest assured that there are still plenty of house hunters on the market during the summer. Furthermore, many of those buyers are serious and extremely motivated to close before the end of summer, before the cold and school start up again.

Summertime weather also ensures high-quality photos and much better showings than the gloomy seasons. The constant sunshine and landscaping in full bloom always help with the presentation.

Summer Moving Tips

The Luxury Living team has compiled a few pointers to keep in mind if you plan on moving during a toasty Chicago summer:

  • Hire a professional agent– To fully take advantage of the summer market, utilize an experienced broker to help narrow down the best housing options and secure the best possible price.
  • Move in the middle of the summer– The beginning and end of summer consistently prove the busiest times to move. Avoiding the craziest times will alleviate the stress of finding available moving trucks and empty elevators.
  • Prepare for the heat– During the moving process, be prepared for high temperatures and intense sun. Dress appropriately, stay hydrated, and layer on that sunscreen.

If you are ready for a new place and think you can handle the heat, consider buying or selling a home in the summer. Don’t let this hot summer selling season pass you by.

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