September 14, 2022
condo kitchen design ideas contemporary
Condo Kitchen Design Ideas for a Contemporary Style
By LLCR Staff

When condo owners – new or seasoned – opt for renovations, one of the first places they often start is the kitchen. As the heart of most homes, this room sets the design tone for the rest of the space while serving as a functionally important gathering space and food prep area. 

If refreshing your kitchen is high on your wish list, you might consider opting for a contemporary style. For one, this type of style lends itself well to appliance upgrades that are aesthetically pleasing yet useful. Additionally, contemporary style bodes well for condos in the city, as it plays off the urban landscape surrounding your space. 

Read on for a few contemporary kitchen design ideas for your condo:

  1. Bright, white motifs – As you tackle a kitchen upgrade, a great place to start is countertops and cabinets. By making these bright and white, you’ll flood the space with reflected light while making your kitchen feel bigger and more open.
  2. Stainless-steel appliances – Stainless-steel appliances aren’t just beautiful – they’re also highly functional and durable, ensuring that your new updates will have lasting power.
  3. Rich wood accents – Contemporary style shouldn’t feel cold. In fact, as the most important room in a condo, a kitchen should be warm and inviting. As you incorporate neutral elements and stainless-steel accents, adding wood accents such as barstools or a table will keep your space warm and balanced. 
  4. Brass – A subtle way to keep a contemporary look timeless is through brass accents such as cabinet pulls or knobs. This small element will add color to your kitchen through the use of a material that’s sophisticated yet subtle.
  5. Sculptured lighting – One of the finishing touches to a kitchen is your lighting. To truly showcase a contemporary look, choose a fixture that’s structured and, ideally, made from a metal material. This will cap off your larger design elements and drive home the style you’re trying to convey.
  6. Minimalism galore – A hallmark quality of contemporary style is minimalism – which, in a cluttered space like a kitchen, can be hard to achieve. As you work through updates, consider storage hacks that will remove as much stuff from countertops and visible spaces as possible – this will keep things neat and tidy, and have the added benefit of storing your everyday wares within arm’s reach.

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