February 22, 2019
Decorating Ideas for Your Open Concept Condo
By LLCR Staff

Open concept condos provide plenty of space to work with when it is time for decorating.

The Luxury Living team is here to fill you in on essential open concept condo decorating ideas. Take notes and prepare to completely transform your home!


Furnishing an Open Concept Condo

Open concept floor plans allow you to create distinct areas within one multipurpose space. The way you arrange your furniture is critical to dividing these different sections and keeping a nice flow to your home.

Section off cozy corners and lay down large area rugs to separate areas, including a living room, office space, and dining area. Then arrange appropriate furniture on top of the rugs. Select rugs that flow with the color scheme and vibe of the rest of your condo.

Be sure to incorporate symmetry in your open space. With expansive areas, keeping the space symmetrical using large pieces of furniture helps create a balanced look and brings order to a large room.


Open Concept Decor

Once your furniture is set up, it is time to bring your space to life with the decor.

The decorations you chose can help bring your condo together and transform your house into a home with character.

As you begin decorating, try picking one color that you want to incorporate in your place and won’t get sick of. Then feature this color in a variety of shades and tones throughout the condo.

With an open concept floor plan, don’t be afraid of large decorative pieces. Try finding expansive artwork for the walls or sizable plants for the floor.


Team up with an Interior Designer

If the idea of decorating an open concept condo seems a bit overwhelming, consider hiring an experienced professional. Interior designers can help ease the process by providing their experience, time, and eye to transform your space.

Keep in mind that home improvement projects do not happen overnight, despite what HGTV may have led you to believe. Be sure to have a feasible budget and timeline when you meet with your interior designer.

Before selecting your designer, do some research. Look into your potential hire’s portfolio to check out some of the designer’s styles and quirks.

Throughout the entire design process, it is critical to discuss your needs and expectations with your designer openly. This allows you and the designer to stay on the same page.

Open concept decorating is an exciting process for new or veteran decorators. Take advantage of these open concept condo decorating ideas to create a multi-functional and inviting home.

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