October 19, 2022
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Find a Condo with Bike Storage in Chicago
By LLCR Staff

One of the best parts of Chicago is the options residents have for navigating the city: from public transportation to water taxis, the ways to get from point A to B are seemingly endless. 

The proliferation of bike lanes in the city has yielded yet another mode of transportation: biking. The benefits of taking two wheels, whether to work or simply around town, include building exercise into your commute, seeing the city in a different way and having the flexibility of circumventing traffic. 

Some Chicagoans also use biking as a form of exercise. Whether you’re training for a triathlon or covering miles on the lakefront path, owning a bike unlocks a great way to get fresh air while burning calories.

If you’re apt to own a bike for these reasons, having bike storage in your condo is a huge perk. 

Benefits of Bike Storage in Chicago

As a bike-friendly city, Chicago has plenty of bike lanes and places to park your bike while moving it around town. That said, once you’re back home, your options are often limited to storage in an outdoor bike rack, or lugging your bike into your unit – unless your condo building offers bike storage. If that’s the case, there are two main benefits:

  • Safety: Keeping your bike in a storage area ensures it’s safe from theft – as opposed to keeping it outside, where it’s more prone to getting stolen.
  • Accessibility: If you use your bike often, you’ll need it within arm’s reach. Keeping it in a storage room allows for easy in-and-out.
  • Bike preservation: Storing your bike indoors is important to the integrity of your bike; shielding it from any extreme heat in the summer or extreme cold in the winter will keep it from the wear-and-tear of the outdoors.

Chicago Condo Buildings with Bike Storage

As biking grows in popularity, bike storage rooms are becoming a ubiquitous amenity. Buildings with this feature include:

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