June 10, 2018
Here are Some DIY Advertising Ideas to Help Sell Your Condo
Here are Some DIY Advertising Ideas to Help Sell Your Condo
By LLCR Staff

First, Work with Your Real Estate Agent

Before we dig into our condo advertising ideas, remember that when you enlist a licensed agent to help sell your condo, they come with a full suite of marketing tools that allows them to present and market your home through a variety of channels.

Not only will your agent add your condo to his or her MLS, which creates an online listing for the property, but they will also ensure it gets added to popular real estate platforms like Zillow, Realtor.com, and others. They’ll share it on their firm’s social media profiles as well as their own professional profiles. It will be shared with leads and prospects through email marketing, targeting social media campaigns, and more.

Needless to say, real estate agents are professionals for a reason. They know how to market properties. Still, more awareness of your condo listing doesn’t hurt. So, we’ve prepared some DIY condo advertising ideas to help spread the word about your listing.

Next, Start with People You Know

Family members and friends care about you and should want to help you achieve your goals. That’s why they’re first up in our condo advertising ideas list. Why not arm them with the information they need to help you out?

Send them links to your condo listing, provide them with copies of any marketing materials your agent gives you, such as open house flyers, and more. Tell them some of the unique features of your condo. Tell them what it’s close to (if they don’t already know from visiting). Everyone has a social sphere, and someone in your family or friends’ circles might be just the one looking for a condo like yours.

Then Use Social Media to Your Advantage

It’s called social media for a reason, and that’s people! We’re all on it, our family and friends are on it, our coworkers — everyone. Whatever the platform, there’s someone there who’ll help you out, even if it’s something as basic as a quick, simple share of a post. Best of all, it’s free. While you can throw a few bucks here and there to boost a post with advertising, you won’t have to because those you’re connected with can just as easily help your post spread like wildfire.

Almost every social platform has a feature or function that can help support your listing. On Facebook, share photos and links to your condo’s online listing. Plan a Facebook Live walk-through, ask people to share it, then host it and stick around after for any questions. Create an Instagram story or Pinterest board with photos and/or video of the condo.

Finally, Host a Gathering

Your agent may plan an open house one weekend, or even a broker open where other agents visit your condo to see if it matches what their buyers are looking for. These events can get tons of traffic, especially since your agent will market the event date through all channels.

But you can still host your own gathering. Invite family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and anyone else that you think might be interested themselves or might know someone who is. Get your condo tidied up, provide light snacks and refreshments, and have information on your condo available for anyone that wants it. Just be sure to have your agent handy for any questions.

Time to Get to It!

These were just a few condo advertising ideas for selling a condo, but there are plenty more where that came from. If you’re looking to list your condo, tap our team’s expertise. As one of the top-producing firms in Chicago, we know what it takes to sell your home. Plus, we’ll throw in a few ideas you can put to work yourself.

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