November 2, 2022
condo storage locker
How a Condo Storage Locker Can Help You Make More Space
By LLCR Staff

Living in a city can have its comforts and challenges. Comfort-wise, you can get anything delivered at about any hour of the day, and have access to world-class museums and concerts right at your doorstep. The tradeoff of city living, however, is space: owning a condo necessitates being more creative with storage.

In addition to being smart about the space in your condo, having external storage can be a helpful, flexible option – especially for larger or seasonal items. 

4 Benefits of a Condo Storage Locker

Some condos offer building storage lockers, which effectively act as a storage unit outside your condo. This often-overlooked amenity can be a huge plus, especially for the following reasons.

  1. Decluttering your space: Keeping things out of your condo in a safe place allows your living area to be as minimalist as you’d like it to be. Without clutter, your condo will look cleaner and more organized.
  2. Organization: If you’re one to Marie Kondo your living space, having a condo storage locker will help keep you organized. For example, you’ll need to keep your seasonal decorations in a designated place and rotate them in as space allows – ensuring everything has its own place.
  3. Convenience: If you opted for an external storage solution, you’d have to commute to and from your belongings and ensure you’re accessing them during the business hours of your storage partner. Having your storage in your building ensures you have easy access to any item you might need as quickly as you need it.
  4. Safety: Quick access to your storage unit has the benefit of allowing you to check on your items whenever you prefer – it’s also safer to keep things securely stored in your own building.

Chicago Condos with Storage Lockers

Many condos offer this perk, including:

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