July 20, 2018
How Can Your HOA Improve Security
How Can Your HOA Improve Security?
By LLCR Staff

HOA security should be a high and ongoing priority. It is crucial to maximize residents’ safety by reducing threats and preventing crime.

Assessing Current Condo Security

Condominiums have unique sets of needs when it comes to safety. Not only are there people constantly coming and going, due to the high number of occupants, but there is also a higher number of entry points and common areas. Therefore, it is critical that HOAs deliver effective security strategies.

Before determining how security in your community can be improved, the HOA needs to assess the current level of protection.

To gain insight into security improvement needs, an HOA can conduct a comprehensive security assessment, independently or with the help of a professional consultant, depending on budget.

If your HOA choses to hire out a professional, the security assessment for condominiums may run anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000 depending on the services provided.

Regardless of the assessment you conduct, every evaluation should provide an HOA with these essential items:

  1. The vulnerabilities and exposures on the property which either have led or can lead to security issues.
  2. Effective solutions available to an HOA, as well as a planned course of action and anticipated costs.
  3. A sense of confidence for the board and association management in their means to achieve a safer community.

Condominium Security Benefits

Following the assessment, it is up to the HOA to implement security measures to improve condo security and make the community a safer place to live.

While there are numerous security measures an HOA can take, here are a few common precautions:

  • Door Staff help restrict access into the community, deterring intruders and helping residents feel more secure.
  • Front Door Video Systems enable constant surveillance of the property and capture footage of suspicious or criminal activity.
  • Key Access Systems provide residents with a security card, rather than a key, that can be swiped to enter the building or common areas. This technology provides more control over who enters the condo maximizing security.
  • Attached Parking helps prevent auto theft and vandalism while allowing residents easy and safer access to their vehicles.
  • Landscaping for Security can involve reducing hiding places and keeping the area well maintained.
  • Neighborhood Watch promotes community effort to patrol the community together and report any suspicious activity to reduce crime.

Getting an HOA on Board

If you’re eager to improve your HOA security, don’t be afraid to start a conversation. Present the idea of a security assessment to your HOA or discuss possible safety improvements.

While an HOA may need to check the budget or require permission for some of these improvements, it is likely that they will be eager to help create a safer environment and happier residents.

Don’t underestimate the role you can play in improving HOA security to keep you and your community safe!

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