February 6, 2023
How to Make Sure Pipes Don’t Freeze in Your Chicago Condo
By LLCR Staff

Frozen pipes can pose a huge issue for Chicagoans in the wintertime, especially for those looking to travel during the holiday season. Follow these tips to avoid problems and know how to make sure pipes don’t freeze in your home.

How to Make Sure Pipes Don’t Freeze in Your Chicago Condo

  1. Pay attention to the weather forecast. Know when temperatures are expected to drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit so you can prepare. These freezing temps put indoor and outdoor pipes at risk of freezing.
  2. Keep the thermostat above 55 degrees at all times. Even if you’re heading out of town, don’t let your condo get below this temperature. This will help keep your bill down while also protecting your pipes.
  3. Disconnect external hoses or exposed pipes outside your unit. This allows water to drain from the supply line, preventing an overnight freeze from bursting either the faucet or the supply line.
  4. Open cabinets under kitchen or bathroom sinks when temperatures reach freezing. This is especially important if the cabinets are located against an outside wall. It will enable warmer air to circulate around the pipe. You can also set a small lamp with an incandescent bulb near the pipes. If you do this, be sure to remove anything flammable from the area.
  5. Keep faucets dripping during a hard freeze. There are a few ways this step can help prevent broken pipes. First, running water will help generate some heat. Although this doesn’t guarantee a pipe won’t freeze, it certainly helps. The open faucets also relieve pressure, which means even if some water freezes, it will be less likely to burst the pipe. Make sure to drip both hot and cold water because even water from the hot water heater can free quickly after leaving the heater. 

When freezing temps hit, the condo association is responsible for shared plumbing that owners and tenants are not responsible for. However, it is on you to take steps to prevent pipes from freezing within your own unit. These precautions can help save you unnecessary time, money, and frustration.

A single frozen pipe can result in a ton of damage and consequent costs — It’s not worth the risk.

Now that you know how to make sure pipes don’t freeze, you can feel confident moving into the chilly months! If you are looking to buy a Chicago condo this winter, reach out to Luxury Living. Our experienced team of brokers would love to help you find your dream place.

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