February 11, 2019
How to Start Decorating a Condo
By LLCR Staff

Whether you are in the middle of moving into a new condo or wanting to spice up your current space, it’s always beneficial to learn tips on how to decorate a condo unit.

The Luxury Living team is here to walk you through the exciting process of decorating a condo in hopes of helping you create your dream home.


Where to Begin

Before decorating a condo, you want first to find inspiration. Doing research beforehand can help create a vision and plan for your space.

A great place to hunt for some decorating ideas for a condo is online. Sites like Pinterest and Apartment Therapy provide great visuals and articles to help point you in the direction to take your condo decor. Be on the lookout for styles or ideas that catch your eye.

Once you have a good idea on the look or vibe you want for your condo, the next step is to plan out your vision. Make a list of all of the decorations and furnishings you will need and then map out how you want to arrange your room.


Executing the Vision

After the plan is complete, you are ready for execution- the final step in the decoration process. Execution is bringing your vision to life and transforming your house into a home.

The first stage of execution is shopping. Check online sites or nearby stores to find the perfect furnishings for your condo. Homegoods and Wayfair are great places to start.

Once you’ve purchased all of the essential decorations, it is time to assemble and arrange everything.


Consider an Interior Designer

Consider teaming up with an experienced professional to help ease and enhance your house transformation.

Interior designers have the experience, time, and eye to help bring your vision to life.

If you decide to take advantage of an interior designer to implement your condo interior decorating ideas here are a few tips:

  • Set realistic expectations: Unfortunately, many home improvement projects do not happen overnight. Be sure to have a feasible budget and timeline when you meet with your interior designer.
  • Take time to find the right fit: Before selecting your interior designer, do some research. Look into your potential hire’s portfolio to check out some of the designer’s styles and quirks. You may even want to interview him or her to ensure a good match.
  • Communication is key: Throughout the entire design process, it is critical to discuss your needs and expectations with your designer openly. This allows you and the designer to stay on the same page.

Now that you’ve gained valuable insight into decorating a condo, it is time to turn these ideas into a reality and transform your home today!

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