July 12, 2018
How to Take Care of Condo Repairs
How to Take Care of Condo Repairs
By LLCR Staff

There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way

As time passes and your condo experiences more wear and tear, the time may eventually come when you want to make some repairs or renovations. It’s just a part of owning a home — things wear down, things break, things go out of style, and so on.

But when condo repairs need to be made, going about them the wrong way can have disastrous consequences beyond just your own inconvenience. You can put your neighbors out, cause massive property damage, and even find yourself in court.

Needless to say, if you need to make some condo repairs, it’s important to do it properly. And with a bit of planning, communication, and foresight, you’ll be able to knock them out without issue.

How to Make Condo Repairs Correctly

The first thing you need to do is have a conversation with your condo association. That’s because the association’s bylaws may place restrictions on the extent and type of repairs residents can make. They may also require a certain process to be followed, or that you work with approved contractors.

After you speak with your association and get the details, you can begin searching for licensed, approved contractors to make the condo repairs. It’s important that you work with authorized, proven, and insured contractors — not only to protect yourself but also to protect your neighbors.

It doesn’t take long to find horror stories of residents attempting to make condo repairs on their own or with that “friend of a friend” who thinks he knows how to fix things. Flooding on one level causing damage and collapsed ceilings for residents below. Massive plumbing issues leading to ruined walls, flooring, and property. Electrical work gone bad, causing fires. Improper demolition causing cracked walls and floors for surrounding neighbors, resulting in them being forced to move out of their homes for months.

Once you’ve found a contractor with the legal and insurance backing as well as the experience and high reviews, you can get to work. When it comes to remodeling and making repairs, it’s always worth having a professional do the job for you, even if it costs a bit more. That way, you get the work you want completed (likely completed faster than you tackling it after a long day or on the weekend), it’s done properly, and you’re protected in case something goes wrong.

Ask Around for Recommendations

Talk to your neighbors. Ask coworkers. Ask family and friends who also live in downtown Chicago condos or who have in the past. Make a list of recommended contractors and narrow them down. Once you have a few, contact them for a quote. Once you’ve chosen the contractor you feel most comfortable with, get to work. Stick around when the work is being done, if you can, and make sure everything is done the way you want it. You’re paying for it, and it’s your home. Make sure it’s exactly what you want — and what your association requires.

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