April 15, 2021
Sean Holland
Senior Broker Spotlight – Sean Holland
By LLCR Staff

Sean Holland is a Senior Broker with almost 10 years of real estate experience. Sean has helped over 500 clients, many of which are repeat clients and referrals, find their perfect home in Chicago.

At Luxury Living Chicago Realty, Sean helps clients at every step of the way from preparing first-time homebuyers with everything they need for their first home purchase to navigating stressful situations throughout the home buying process with experienced home owners.

Originally from New York, Sean found his home in Chicago after traveling to many cities across the country while attending business school. Sean is an avid griller and is known to fire up the grill even in Chicago’s freezing temperatures. Aside from his grilling passion, he also enjoys cycling, partaking in summer street festivals, and relaxing on Chicago’s beaches.

Share some of your experiences as a Chicago broker

There have been many! From year-long deals that turn sales to rentals and back to sales, to long negotiations that go nowhere, to finding clients the perfect home. 

Why do you do what you do?

The flexibility is nice outside of busy seasons like being able to get in a workout or go for a bike ride when it’s slow. The knowledge that my success is largely in my own hands is also a big one. Not having a “boss” besides myself is nice. Ultimately it’s very satisfying creating long-term relationships with people. The homefinding/buying experience is a unique one and it’s one, if done properly, you and your clients will never forget. My clients put a lot of trust in me and I take that responsibility seriously.

What is your favorite part about being a broker?

My favorite part of the job is always having a pulse on the market and having valuable information for my clients. I get to be a part of their lives too – they send me pictures and videos of renovations, how they’ve laid out the place, the paint job. It’s a lot of fun seeing their vision become reality.

What has been your best experience as a broker?

I’ve had clients come from various countries across the world including India, England, Egypt, Venezuela, China, you name it. When moving here, I’m the “portal” that introduces them to Chicago, IL – USA. They usually have no idea how to find a home and those are the most gratifying experiences. I’ve truly touched those people and they are always thankful and relieved when they’ve finally found their new home.

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