June 10, 2021
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Smart Home Gadgets to Upgrade Your High-Tech Condo
By LLCR Staff

With increasing technology, you may be surprised by all of the smart home gadgets out there on the market. Many of the smart home technologies are designed to make your living experience more convenient and cost-effective.

Check out just a few smart home technology ideas to implement in your condo:

  • Smart locks: This smart home gadget is great for convenience and safety. Rather than worry about where you left your keys or if you forgot to lock the door, smart locks can track your location and automatically lock your door if you’ve left the premises. You can even use a voice assistant to set specific times to lock and unlock your door. The August Smart Lock is one smart lock option that has fantastic features and reviews.
  • Smart doorbell: Whether or not you already have a home security system, installing a wireless smart doorbell camera can also provide an extra level of security and surveillance. Not only are the cameras an excellent visual deterrent, but they can also offer valuable video footage and give you more peace of mind when answering the door. You can check who’s at your condo whether you’re home or not. The Eufy Doorbell 2K and the Ring Video Doorbell wired with Echo Dot are great options on Amazon.
  • Smart speaker: Speakers have come a long way over the years. Along with improved sound quality, many have impressive additional features. Powered by a virtual assistant, smart speakers can play music without you touching a button, answer questions, set reminders and more. The Amazon Echo speakers offer a wide range of selections.
  • Smart lighting: This next-level lighting promotes convenience and energy-saving. Smart bulbs can help cut costs, create customized light settings and allow you to turn off lights when you’re not even home. Check out the highly-rated Phillips Hue bulbs to find the exact bulbs you need.
  • Smart thermostat: Nearly half of the energy used in most homes goes to heating and cooling. Smart thermostats can help you cut back on energy and money spent by learning when you’re home. Some can pick up your habits without you having to program them; or you can also create an automated schedule through an app on your phone. Consider installing the Nest Learning Thermostat for your condo.

While this list covers some of our favorite smart home gadgets, there are even more ways to step up your condo’s convenience and smart-home game. 

If you’re ever looking to move, partner with an LLCR agent that has the expertise to help you make the best out of condo living. We would love to help you find a place with smart home features already installed or provide you with ways to improve the condo you find.

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