August 9, 2022
best chicago suburbs for commuters
The 3 Best Chicago Suburbs for Commuters
By LLCR Staff

If you’re planning a move to Chicago but aren’t quite sure about city living, Chicagoland’s many suburbs could be a fantastic option for you. Offering more space, great schools and cost-effective living options, the city’s many surrounding towns are highly sought-after for their many benefits.

One trade-off of living in the suburbs, however, is the longer commute times to get downtown. For the most part, there are two ways to get from the suburbs to the Loop in the heart of the business district: driving and regional Metra trains (not to be confused with ‘L’ trains, which are mostly local to the city).

3 Best Chicago Suburbs for Commuters

Depending on your work-from-home situation, your commute may factor into your decision on which suburb or area to live in. Read on for an overview of Chicago suburbs that have easy commute options.

Southern Suburbs

Homewood, located just a few miles south of Chicago proper, is situated on the Metra Electric line that runs between southern neighborhoods and the Millennium Park station in the middle of the city. Most train rides from this quaint town are about 40 minutes, and the car ride is 30-45 minutes depending on your final destination.

Western Suburbs

Oak Park, the first suburb due west of the city, is uniquely advantageous for commuters because it has its own ‘L’ stop in addition to a Metra line. For this reason, commute times are pretty quick: you can expect an ‘L’ ride of about 30 minutes to the city center, and a Metra ride to the Chicago OTC station that’s about 15 minutes. Driving takes about 30 minutes depending on traffic.

Northern Suburbs

Glenview, a larger suburb with a population of 47,000, is 15 miles northwest of Chicago with close proximity to the lake. Along the Milwaukee District North line that services many northern towns, Metra rides from Glenview are about 40 minutes – the same amount of time as the drive.

No matter which suburb you hope to call home, the dedicated LLCR team can help you find the right home for your needs and commute.

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