May 30, 2022
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The Benefits of Living In Studio Condos in Chicago
By LLCR Staff

Studios are increasingly popular right now as more people move back to the city. Are you interested in studio condos in Chicago? If so, consider some of the benefits:

The Benefits of Living In Studio Condos in Chicago

  1. Lower price– With less square footage comes less costs. If you don’t need a ton of space, then a condo may be a great option to spend less on a mortgage. When you can spend less on your home, you free yourself up for savings and other expenses.
  2. Lower utility costs– When you have a smaller condo, there is less space to heat and cool. Your bank account can appreciate those reduced expenses on the monthly bills. You may even be able to purchase a more affordable WiFi package to ensure Internet for your entire home.
  3. Easy to clean– You will find that regular and deep cleaning is much more manageable when working with a studio. This type of home requires less attention, saving you time and costs on products or services if you hire someone else to spruce up your space.
  4. Helps avoid messes– Not only are condos easier to clean, but they’re often harder to accumulate clutter. When you eat, sleep, or work in the same space, you’ll likely proactively keep it clean and organized, all while purging junk on a more regular basis.
  5. Easy to furnish– Setting up a condo is more straightforward than larger homes. Not only do you need less furniture, but you’ll need less decor. This saves both money and time to set up. Plus, if you end up moving out, you’ll find the process much easier.
  6. Promotes quality time– When living in a more condensed space, chances are you’ll be more motivated to get out of the house and do things. Living in a city like Chicago means there are plenty of exciting attractions right outside your home that you don’t want to miss. 
  7. More environmentally friendly option– If you’re someone motivated by leaving less of an impact on your environment, you’ll be pleased to know that studios help in this mission. It takes fewer materials to build this type of place; plus, there is often less electricity and water used in studio apartments.

Ready to check out some studio condos in Chicago for yourself? Consider One Chicago. This brand new development is currently under construction in the River North neighborhood. The complex will contain two towers of 77 elegant condo residences, including studio layouts. You can also find other individual studio units for sale on our site.

Whatever stage of the house hunt you find yourself in, Luxury Living Chicago Realty can help you secure a Chicago studio condo that suits your needs. Connect with our team of licensed professionals today!

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