April 4, 2022
condo maintenance checklist
The Complete Condo Maintenance Checklist for Every Time of Year
By LLCR Staff

For many, especially first-time homeowners, condo maintenance may seem daunting, but we hope that it doesn’t have to be with this condo maintenance checklist.

Condo Maintenance Checklist

Keeping your condo in tip-top shape will help provide you with peace of mind and avoid larger issues down the road.

Who Pays for Condo Repairs

Before breaking down the maintenance checklists for each season, it’s essential to address the party responsible for covering condo repairs. Since condo owners pay dues to the HOA (Homeowner Association), there may be confusion about which responsibilities fall on the condo owner and which fall on the HOA. 

The fees typically cover the common or shared areas of a building, while the condo owner is usually responsible for anything inside their unit.

When it comes to water damage, the condo owner almost always needs to deal with plumbing issues within their home.

If you have a run-in with unwanted bugs or critters inside your walls, the pest control bill will likely fall on you. However, if the issue seems to extend beyond your place or as a result of a joint area breeding pests, HOA may be obligated to pay.

If you end up in a situation where you’re still unsure, read your HOA rules and regulations in detail. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out directly to the association if you need more clarity.

Fall Maintenance

As the leaves begin changing colors, this is your sign it is time for some fall maintenance. To prepare for the cooler weather, there are a few important steps.

To ensure good air quality, be sure to check and change your air filters. While this should be done every three months, the change of the season is an excellent reminder to do it.

While air filters help catch debris and dust, you may also want to clean the vents. You can turn off your HVAC system and use a duster, soft cloth, or vacuum to clean the ducts. This will help ensure clean air flows through your condo once you turn on the furnace.

Don’t neglect cleaning your secondary dryer lent to prolong the life of your dryer, improve your machine’s ability to dry clothes quickly, and help keep energy bills down. This fairly simple task involves removing the lint screen and using a handheld vacuum (if you have one) to remove leftover bits of lint. While the lint trap is drying, try cleaning the slot the lint trap fits into with the vacuum.

Before the air and your windows are too cold, clean the inside window track and frame. You may be surprised by how much dust and dirt collect here. 

Lastly, if you have outdoor space, clean and clear it off before the snow comes.

Winter Maintenance

The Chicago winters are no joke. Be sure you protect your home from the winter weather to ensure a safe and cost-effective season.

Your first step to doing this involves checking building rules. Keep an eye out for any emails or newsletters that may address winterization policies for the building or other considerations for the chilly months.

A quick heat inspection is certainly worth your time. Examine all of your condo’s nooks and crannies to see where the heat may be escaping. Plug up any cracks, holes, or window seals where heat seems to be escaping. Take some time with spackle, sealant, or even use a temporary fix of folded towels in order to keep the heat in your condo.

Frozen pipes are the worst-case scenario for you condo, so check that they are properly insulated. Keep your water running slightly on any faucets that may be at risk of freezing.

To add extra insulation and prevent exposed pipes from freezing, you can always wrap towels or newspaper around them.

Spring Maintenance

As the flowers begin to bloom and the temperature starts to rise, spring cleaning is a must.

This is the time to get rid of the grime and thoroughly inspect and clean every inch of your condo. Check for fire hazards, potential leakages, and other signs of wear and tear.

To help ensure you don’t miss any spot, use this checklist as you scope through your home:

  • Windows and doors
  • Roofing, gutters, sidings
  • Dryer vents and exhaust fans
  • Water system
  • Chimneys and air vents
  • Caulk
  • Leaks

While you can likely check off this work yourself, it may be worth connecting with an experienced professional to take a second look or help with any task you need help with.

Summer Maintenance

Chicago summers call for outdoor time. So as this season approaches, get your essential condo checklist items out of the way.

If you have outdoor space and furniture, this is the time to move it back to its proper place. But before you bring these items out, check your patio and deck to see if it should be cleaned or repaired. Chances are, this space may need a good power wash.

With more time spent outside, make sure the outdoor lighting is working. If you need to replace your bulbs, consider an energy-efficient solution like solar lighting.

You’ll likely run your AC frequently during the summer, so check if you need to change your filter or clean the vents.

Inspect your walls, door, and windows to inspect for gaps. This will prevent unwanted critters and air from sneaking in.

Fire Prevention

Regardless of the season, fire prevention is crucial. The first step to preventing a condo fire is catching a fire before it starts.

Install smoke alarms throughout your home, and be sure to change the batteries annually.

Locate your heat sources so you can avoid leaving flammable items too close.

If you enjoy candles or have any type of open flame within your home, be extra cautious and monitor it frequently.

We hope you helped ease your mind a bit and equipped you with practical steps with this condo maintenance checklist.

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