February 6, 2018
These Are the Up and Coming Chicago Neighborhoods in 2018
These Are the Up and Coming Chicago Neighborhoods in 2018
By LLCR Staff

Luxury Living Chicago Realty works with hundreds of clients every year to rent or purchase a new condo in Chicago. Many of our clients are interested in buying real estate in neighborhoods that offer a great value.

Up and Coming Chicago Neighborhoods 2018

Chicago is made up of 77 unique neighborhoods. Here are the ones we think are the up and coming Chicago neighborhoods in 2018. We’ve identified these neighborhoods because they still offer a good value on the purchase price, but are all on the up and up when it comes to revitalization. The neighborhoods are seeing an influx of new or renovated homes, restaurants and cafes are sprouting up, and new grocery stores and boutiques are opening.


This South Side neighborhood is in the midst of a renaissance. As part of a community-driven effort, Bronzeville perfectly balances its historical significance with a modern scene. Blended together with specialty coffee shops and trendy restaurants, you will find Victorian Era architecture.

Across the Bronzeville neighborhood is a growing development scene of gut-rehab greystones and single-family homes. Chicago Real estate buyers will also love the neighborhood’s beautiful boulevards.

Buena Park

Placed between the popular Chicago neighborhoods of Uptown and Lakeview, Buena Park is beginning to make a name for itself. Priced out of Lincoln Park? Buena Park offers well-priced homes and condos in a quaint and charming setting.

Another advantage Buena Park offers is its proximity to Montrose Harbor and Lake Michigan, which becomes Chicago’s playground in the summer.


In October 2017, Lonely Planet put Avondale on their “Top 10 U.S. Neighborhoods to Visit Now” because of the neighborhoods “working-class beat” and the amazing food scene brewing. Avondale’s claim to fame is that it is home to Kuma’s Corner – a heavy metal-themed joint serving massive burgers.

However, these days real estate investors are starting to flock to the area for its well-priced mix of condos, bungalows, and two-flats. This is especially true as real estate along Milwaukee Avenue becomes pricier. While Avondale may be pretty far north of the Chicago Loop, the neighborhood offers plenty of transportation options to get around the city quickly.

Of course, there are other neighborhoods we think can be some of the best places to buy a home in Chicago.

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