November 18, 2018
Treat Yourself to These Luxury Condo Amenities
Treat Yourself to These Luxury Condo Amenities
By LLCR Staff

With an increased demand for luxury amenities, Chicago has stepped up its game.

Throughout the city, you can be sure to find an impressive array of luxury condo amenities that will easily incentivize any prospective homeowner.

Unique Luxury Amenities You’ll Find in Chicago

The Windy City is the ideal spot to find your dream condominium boasting a wide selection of luxury condo amenities.

Many condominiums have incorporated amenities that provide technology and connectivity and holistic wellness yo keep up with growing trends.

Research confirms that buyers in the market for a new condo are seeking technological features. Therefore luxury condominiums are quick to impress with amenities including robotic platforms and electric vehicle charging stations, as well as smart-home technology in units that allow homeowners to control lighting, temperature, and electronics from a smartphone or device even while they are away from home.

While community gyms are not rare in condominiums, luxury Chicago condominiums have taken fitness centers to the next level. Many condos have added state-of-the-art technology in their gyms, along with additional space for yoga, meditation, and massage centers.

Additionally, you can find condos complete with sky lounges, wine storage and tasting rooms, outdoor pool terraces, theater rooms, children’s playrooms, and demonstration kitchens. The list goes on.

How to Find the Amenities You Want

The first step to ensuring that the condo you chose offers all of the amenities your heart desires is research. Look into the different amenities on the market and compile a list of your mandatories and desired condo features.

While putting together a list of your must-haves, make sure to also look into the average costs of specific amenities. While these extra features may not be included in the listing price of the condo, they often increase the annual or monthly HOA fees.

From there, connect with an experienced broker to help narrow down options that fit your criteria. Brokers can help streamline the process and ensure that you find the ideal condo.

Why You Won’t Find These Amenities in an Apartment

The list of impressive amenities is unique to condominiums. While apartments may feature more basic amenities, such as a fitness center and community pool, it is less common for these properties to offer luxury features.

Top-notch amenities are often unique to condos because, unlike apartments, condominiums can fund additional amenities through HOA fees that each unit owner is obligated to pay.

Furthermore, since purchasing a condo is an investment, high-end and exclusive amenities can help to raise property values and incentivize potential buyers.

With all of the luxury condo amenities that Chicago has to offer, start your search for the perfect condominium today!

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