March 15, 2019
What Are Condo Flooring Requirements?
By LLCR Staff

When it comes to renovating a condo, be prepared for more restrictions than single-family home projects.

Because condos feature multi-family housing, the homeowner associations (HOA) have to take other residents and the building as a whole into consideration when implementing rules.

One of these HOA regulations includes condo flooring requirements. The Luxury Living team is here to share everything you need to know about understanding flooring rules and choosing the right floors for your home.


HOA Flooring Rules

Homeowner associations exist primarily to maintain and regulate a community. While the HOA doesn’t have a say in everything unit owners do, they do have a voice when it comes to flooring decisions.

Hard-surfaced floors can lead to noise nuisances and frustrations from the downstairs neighbors, so HOAs implement condo flooring requirements that help minimize noise complaints and keep residents happy.

Homeowner associations will typically include any restrictions on hard surface flooring in the rules and reference sections of the Code, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&Rs). There may also be an adoption of guidelines as to what an owner can do to get approval for hard surface flooring if possible.

What happens if you ignore your HOAs flooring rules? Well, the board may subject you to fines, liens, or even legal action.

So if you have been considering tearing out that old carpet and replacing it with beautiful hardwood, be sure to run it by your HOA first before making any moves.


Best Flooring for Condos

Narrowing down the best flooring for your condo can be tricky.

While there are plenty of options, laminate tends to be a popular choice. This material looks just as beautiful as hardwood but comes at a more affordable price with soundproof qualities.

Vinyl also provides one of the quietest flooring option to ensure peace and quiet for you and your neighbors. Depending on the specific vinyl material you chose, this flooring choice can range anywhere from about $.40 per square foot for thin sheet vinyl, to $3.00 or so per square foot for luxury vinyl planks.

If you are looking for comfy and quiet, carpet is another safe route to take. This quiet flooring for condos is known for its sound-absorbing qualities from the fibers, as well as the mats the carpet installed over. Some HOAs may even require a certain percentage of condo floors to be carpet.

If you are teaming up with a contractor to spearhead your condo renovations, they are likely to provide good advice when it comes to choosing the best flooring for your condo. They also will have a thorough understanding of your condo’s CC&Rs to ensure the floor are compliant with the HOA’s rules and regulations.

Understanding and following your condo’s flooring requirements will help keep you, your neighbors, and your HOA happy during your next renovation project!

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