August 2, 2018
What is a Townhome Community Like?
What is a Townhome Community Like?
By LLCR Staff

If you find yourself drawn to the amenities and convenience of a condo, but not prepared to sacrifice your own yard space, then a townhome may be the perfect property for you.

Here is everything you need to know about living in a townhome community!

How Townhomes Typically Function

A townhome community is made up of conjoined single-family homes, meaning that each unit may have multiple floors and share one or more walls with the neighboring unit(s). Each unit is individually owned and may be leased out.

When a person purchases a townhome, they are gaining title to their individual unit as well as the yard or space outside of the unit. This space may also include a balcony or porch.

While this outdoor space is under the resident’s ownership, the community’s homeowners’ association take care of the maintenance. This means that townhome owners can enjoy the perfectly kept yard year round, without even having to touch a lawnmower.

Although townhome owners do not have to worry about the physical yard work, their checkbooks indirectly fund this maintenance through their annual or monthly HOA fees.

HOA also funds additional amenities and services that the neighborhood provides, such as community surveillance cameras and garbage removal.

How Easy it is to Meet New People

Meeting new people in a townhome community rarely poses a challenge for residents.

Close proximity to neighbors opens the door for social opportunities and an extra sense of security in the community.

It is easy to get to know the people around you and keep an eye out for each other’s property and suspicious activity, ensuring a better night’s rest and worry-free trips away from home.

Townhome communities also boast lower turnover rates than condominiums, meaning that residents often stay put for more extended periods of time which also promotes better neighbor relations.

How You Share the Common Areas

Typically townhome residents share at least one wall the neighboring unit and sometimes a driveway as well.

While the idea of sharing a wall with neighbors may spark hesitation, rest assured that party walls divide the townhome units. These unique walls are built using quality soundproofing and special materials to help block out sound from neighboring units.

Neighbors in townhome communities often have the opportunity to share common spaces and amenities. Depending on the specific neighborhood, these may include pools, parks, gyms, and recreation rooms for hosting the perfect party.

While all townhome residents have access to these common areas through their HOA fees, these additional amenities are all optional for residents to enjoy.

Experience the convenience and community that a townhome has to offer and find your perfect home today!

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