August 23, 2022
commute from evanston to downtown chicago
What Is the Commute from Evanston to Downtown Chicago Like?
By LLCR Staff

There are a few reasons to opt for living in the suburbs instead of city proper: perhaps you’re starting a family and want more space, or maybe you’re hoping for a change of scenery. Or, depending on your tolerance for traffic, you might be hoping to escape the rush hour madness of the city. 

Enter Evanston: the first suburb to the north of city limits and home to Northwestern University, it’s an idyllic town of 77,000 that attracts people looking for a mix of urban and suburban life. According to Livability, Evanston was ranked in the top 30 places to live in America because of its proximity to the lake and bustling social scene. 

The Average Commute from Evanston to Downtown Chicago

If you’re convinced that suburban life is for you, read on to learn more about what your commute from Evanston to downtown Chicago would look like.


Living outside the city might necessitate buying a car – and if you have a car, you’ll be fortunate enough to experience a beautiful commute down Lake Shore Dr., which connects Evanston to the city directly. Depending on where you live in town and where you’re heading to in Chicago, you can expect your commute via car to be anywhere from 30 – 45 minutes – but you can at least count on some beautiful skyline views along the way.


As a suburb, Evanston enjoys the luxury of Metra: the regional trains that service the towns surrounding the city. If you opt for this option, you’ll be able to read, meditate or send emails on your way to work. This mode of transportation takes about 30 minutes and drops you off at Chicago Ogilvie Transportation Center in the heart of the Loop.

Purple Line ‘L’ Train

Only a few locations outside of Chicago proper have their own ‘L’ stop, and Evanston is one of them. The purple line (perhaps named for Northwestern’s colors?) services the area, and connects Evanston straight to the loop. Arriving every 5-7 minutes depending on the time of day, this train ride lasts about 40 minutes and is a great option for commuters looking to connect to different areas of Chicago outside the Loop.

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