July 14, 2018
What’s the Best Security Camera for a Condo?
What’s the Best Security Camera for a Condo?
By LLCR Staff

When it comes to finding the best security camera for your condo, it’s essential to do some initial research.

With advancing technology and numerous choices on the market, the options may seem endless. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you find the optimal security camera to help keep you and your home safe.

Types of Security Cameras

In general, the two standard categories for condominium security cameras include outdoor and indoor cameras.

Here’s a look into both types:

Outdoor security cameras– These cameras are generally placed right above the front or back entrance of a condo. Since the outdoors are prone to more hazards and inclement weather, these cameras tend to be more durable and weather resistant. Many outdoor cameras offer motion-detecting sensors to help reduce hours of wasted footage taking up DVR space.

Indoor security cameras– Some condo owners chose indoor security cameras instead or in addition to the outdoor surveillance. These cameras are typically dome-shaped to provide some of the highest quality footage with full 360 degree angles, enabling the homeowner the ability to monitor an entire space.

Indoor and outdoor security cameras are available wireless or hardwired. While wireless security cameras are easier to install, flexible, and extremely portable, hardwired security cameras are generally more stable and less expensive.

Top Security Camera Picks

The best condominium security cameras provide residents with convenience as well as high-quality and expansive coverage.

If you’re installing an outdoor security camera, consider the Reolink Argus. This weather-resistant, motion detecting security camera is excellent for monitoring condo entrances.

The Reolink Argus provides top-notch, wireless technology to keep your condo extra secure, complete with instant app push notifications, as well as email and sound alerts when someone approaches your door or entrance.

To protect the inside of your home, we recommend the Reolink C1 Pro, a wireless pan-tilt security camera, delivering exceptionally clear and sharp footage.

How Many Security Camera Does Your Condo Need

Determining the number of cameras you should have in your condo depends on the level of security you’re looking for, as well as your HOA’s security camera policy.

Since approximately 34 percent of burglars enter through the front door, outdoor cameras provide a means to to monitor the entrance and deter criminals. Just make sure your condo’s policy allows for these cameras, and the camera does not invade neighbor’s property.

If your condo has multiple entrances, it’s also wise to place a security camera at each entry.

In addition to outdoor cameras, indoor cameras are beneficial to condo owners as a way to monitor the space within the home.

Take critical safety precautions and find the best condominium security camera today!

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