November 12, 2018
What’s the Difference Between Apartment and Condo Amenities?
What’s the Difference Between Apartment and Condo Amenities?
By LLCR Staff

In both apartments and condominiums, amenities help to enhance the property value and community appeal.

While both housing options feature their own unique amenities, the list of condo amenities tends to out-shine that of apartment buildings.

Common Apartment and Condo Amenities

First, let’s break down the main difference between apartments and condos. While a condominium is a collection of units owned individually, apartments feature units within a single building that are owned by one person or company and rented out to individuals.

While there the list of amenities among different apartments and condos, there are standard amenities, both in individual units and communities, that are worth noting.

Washers and dryers remain the most common amenities found within individual residential units, for both condos and apartments. It is also typical for units to boast high-end appliances and hardwood floors. Research studies also reveal that a large percentage of residents are willing to pay a premium for granite countertops and balconies within their unit.

Regarding community amenities, condos and apartments frequently offer a fitness center, pool, and clubhouses. Common spaces for socializing and outdoor space are also common to find in both communities and have been proven to add value to many residents.

What You’ll See in Condos That You Won’t See in Apartments

Many house hunters find themselves drawn to condominiums because of the impressive amenities offered.

Since condos are designed to attract owners rather than temporary tenants, there is more of an incentive to feature more attractive amenities in both the community and individual units. These upgrades add value to the property and ensure a more promising investment.

On the list of luxury condo amenities, you are likely to find valet-service, coffee shops, concierge, spas, impressive rooftops, and more. Individual units may also boast high-end appliances, incredible spaces, and the latest tech-savvy features. While these amenities are tempting for any buyer, it is critical to keep in mind that these features always increase the costs owners and renters end up spending.

To fund these extra amenities, condo owners are obligated to pay monthly dues that go straight to the homeowners association. Therefore, it is essential to figure out exactly how much these luxurious amenities will run a condo owner’s HOA fees before moving forward with a purchase.

How to Find Condos With the Amenities You Want

If you have a good idea of the amenities that you are looking for, then you may be ready to begin the search for the perfect condo.

With so many condo options in Chicago, it is highly likely that you can find a condo that offers all of your desired amenities and more.

Filter through the array of options in Downtown Chicago to narrow down your ideal property with the perfect condo amenities. You can also find an experienced broker today to help make the selection process less intimidating!

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