February 15, 2018
Where to Find Chicago’s Best Schools
Where to Find Chicago’s Best Schools
By LLCR Staff

The Luxury Living Chicago Realty team has been helping people buy and sell Chicago homes for over 10 years. Take it from us, with a wide range of activities, family-friendly restaurants, and top schools, Chicago is becoming a wonderful city to raise a family.

One of the most important aspects of living in Chicago with kids is to understand your options when it comes to education and schools. Nearby schools play a big role in the environment of a Chicago neighborhood. Good schools mean better places for families and people making the move to a new home and/or city living.

Chicago Public School Level Rating

An initial search on the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) website will pull up more than 300 Chicago neighborhood schools.

However, not all schools are ranked the same in Chicago and it’s important to pay attention to a school’s level rating. According to CPS, a Level 1 school is a school in “Excellent Standing,” a Level 2 school is a school in “Good Standing,” and a Level 3 school is a school on “Probation.”

Types of Chicago Public Schools

There are different categories of public schools in Chicago.

Chicago Neighborhood Schools

If you live within the boundaries of a neighborhood school, you don’t need to worry about applying or being accepted. If you want your child to go to a good Chicago school, then moving within the boundaries of a particular school will be important. Work with your real estate broker to identify homes for sale within that school’s district.

Chicago Magnet Schools

These schools, which focus on specialized subject areas, are a hybrid of a neighborhood and selective schools. Magnet schools often have neighborhood boundaries, but there are no guarantees if you live within those boundaries that your child will be accepted. Magnet schools open a lottery process to students within the boundaries, and to the rest of the city of Chicago.

Chicago Charter Schools

Charter schools are approved by the Board of Education but operate independently from the Board and each other. Each charter school has a curriculum, schedule, calendar and admissions procedures, but can be operated by community organizations, universities, foundations, and teachers. All are held accountable for high student academic achievement by the Board of Education. Generally, charter schools admit students based on lottery and students can apply all across the city.

Chicago Private Schools

It is no secret that Chicago Public Schools have had their challenges. Where to send a child to school in Chicago is a very personal choice. Many families opt to send their children to Chicago’s top private schools like Frances W. Parker School, Latin School of Chicago and the British International School of Chicago. For some parents, it’s not a matter of proximity, but a matter of what they feel will most benefit their child in the long run. Programs can be more specialized at private schools, which may suit a child’s learning process, or personality better.

In any case, where a child attends school in Chicago is deeply personal and based on many factors.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a home and have school-age children, Luxury Living Chicago Realty can be a resource in helping you understand neighborhood boundaries, school options and offer guidance on buying a Chicago condo. We can also help you discover the best family neighborhoods in Chicago.

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