June 7, 2022
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Why Chicago Loft Condos Should Be On Your Home Searching List
By LLCR Staff

Why should Chicago loft condos should be on your home searching list? In this blog we’ll cover why Chicago loft condos are a must-see when searching for your next condo.

Why Chicago Loft Condos Should Be On Your Home Searching List

A loft condo is a condo that most often has high ceilings and few internal walls. They are very similar to a studio, but with more space. Loft condos typically have exposed walls and pipes. They are also often renovated businesses or warehouses, making the space less traditional. Because of the large, open layout, they are well equipped with lots of extra space that you won’t find in a typical studio apartment.

Loft condos typically have one main, large room that will intentionally be divided up to help break up the space. This can be done with partial walls or other dividers to make the room less open and have a more intimate feel. You can configure loft condos in many different ways to divide the space in a way that best suits your needs.

Loft condos also have a modern, open layout that is unlike other condos and creates a special design opportunity for those wanting a more modern city living experience. Loft condos often have large floor to ceiling windows, allowing for amazing natural light within the space too. If you are craving a modern condo, the loft layout will perfectly fit your design preference and provide the perfect base for your style choices.

Because they are more rare than traditional condos in Chicago, loft condos can be more expensive and harder to find on the market.

If you are set on finding a loft condo, we recommend starting with a Luxury Living broker to help you out on your search.

These are just a few of the benefits of Chicago loft condos. Luxury Living Realty Chicago can help you find the perfect Chicago loft condo today. Contact us today to start your search!

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