November 15, 2022
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Why Private Chicago Condo Parking Garages Are a Must
By Lindsay Smith

Ask any Chicagoan about their biggest gripe with living in a city, and most will mention something about parking. While Chicago is renowned as having one of the best public transportation systems in the world, the reality is that in a city of three million people, parking will likely be hard to come by from time to time.

As you move about the city, you might not be able to control that it’s hard to find parking – which is why having a private condo parking garage is a must. Why shouldn’t parking at least be easy in your own home?

4 Reasons Why a Private Condo Parking Garage is a Must

When searching for your new condo, some amenities might fall on the “nice to have” list, and others might fall on the “must” list. If you own a car, there are four reasons why a private condo parking garage is a must:

  1. Safety: Most garages are attached to their condo buildings, meaning you don’t have to exit your car outside. Additionally, most garages have security cameras and are frequented by other residents – ensuring that there are extra eyes on you as an added layer of safety.
  2. Convenience: Having a designated parking spot saves you time that you’d normally spend searching for a spot (which can be pretty significant). No parking dibs needed here!
  3. Warmth: When the weather gets colder, keeping your car inside saves you from needing to start your car before you leave to get it warmed – and also, most importantly, keeps you warm as you head inside after parking.
  4. Savings: While your parking will likely be included in your HOA fees (and can sometimes be a separate cost), having a designated parking spot could save you money by keeping you from shelling out for ad-hoc SpotHero spots or street parking each day.

Chicago Condos with Private Parking

Many condos in the city offer private parking as an amenity. Some listings include:

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