January 29, 2019
Why You Should Consider Selling or Buying a Home in the Fall
By LLCR Staff

Fall is a season of change-  temperatures dropping, leaves falling and sweaters making an appearance.

Among this time of transitions, consider making a big move of your own by selling or buying a home in the fall.

Selling a Home in the Fall

The fall season, including dates between September 1 and November 30, often makes for a promising time to sell a home.

Naturally, selling a home during any season comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Here are a few pros and cons to be aware of if you plan on selling your home in the fall:

Advantages of selling a house in the fall:

  • The fall tends to bring in serious buyers. Fall house hunters are often motivated to purchase quickly- before the winter hits and the busy holiday season begins.
  • After the summer, there are fewer listings on the market. This means less competition for sellers and more opportunities to get close to or over asking price.

Disadvantages of selling a house in the fall:

  • Fall is considered an off-peak season, which means sellers won’t see as many prospective buyers as the springtime.
  • As the weather declines during the fall, this has the potential to hinder showings and curb appeal.

Fall Moving Tips

To ensure a smooth and successful fall move keep these tips in mind:

  • Begin the search or sale early- Typically the real estate market stays pretty strong, until about October when it starts to slow down. Therefore, if you are considering listing your home in the fall, don’t delay to increase the odds and timeline of a closing.
  • Photograph ASAPThe earlier you can take those professional house photos, the more promising they will turn out. Not only is the weather more likely to cooperate, but you are also more likely to still have some pretty landscaping intact and better lighting for the photo-ops.
  • Hire a professional agent– Teaming up with a licensed broker helps ease the buying and selling process, and also promotes closing the best deal. Brokers understand the local real estate market and have insight into maximizing the city’s season for a successful sale.

Best Time to Buy a Condo

If you are a new or younger buyer in the market for a condo, fall remains a great season to shop.

According to Trulia’s Q3 inventory report, peak home buying season for “starter” home buyers typically begins in the fall. With more homes listed during this season, buyers not only receive more options to choose from, but will also see the prices of homes soften.

If condo buyers are on a tight budget, winter may be a wise time to buy. This season generally guarantees the best deal on a purchase. However, be aware that there tends to be a limited array of listings on the market during this time.

Before it gets too cold or too busy, team up with an experienced broker who can make selling or buying a home in the fall the best decision of the season.

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