January 12, 2024
Condo walk through inspection checklist
The Ultimate Condo Walk-Through Inspection Checklist
By Lauren Bozarth

For buyers, a thorough inspection is a crucial step that helps avoid unexpected issues and ensure everything is as expected. 

In this post, we’ll provide an in-depth condo walk through inspection checklist to provide extra preparation and peace of mind.

The Purpose of an Inspection Checklist

Condo buyers should prioritize conducting a thorough walk-through inspection before finalizing their purchase, and having a comprehensive checklist is crucial for this process. The checklist serves as a systematic guide to ensure that every aspect of the condo is thoroughly examined, emphasizing safety and assessing overall conditions. 

A well-organized checklist ensures that no crucial aspect is overlooked, empowering condo buyers to make informed decisions and negotiate any necessary repairs or adjustments before closing the deal.

Condo Walk Through Checklist

Before moving forward with a home purchase, take advantage of this condo walk through checklist :

  1. Bring your checklist
    • Make sure you have it handy, either printed or written down, to bring it to the inspection.
  2. Take photos and video:
    •  Capture visual documentation of the entire condo, both the interior and exterior.
    • Focus on any existing damage or potential issues, such as cracks, leaks, or signs of wear and tear.
    • These visual records serve as valuable references during negotiations and can be crucial in case of disputes.
  3. Review the walls, ceilings, floors:
    • Inspect for cracks, water stains, or any structural abnormalities.
    • Check the quality of paint or wallpaper for signs of poor maintenance.
    • Evaluate the condition of the flooring, looking for damages, uneven surfaces, or signs of pest infestation.
  4. Take a second look at windows, doors and balconies:
    • Test windows for proper sealing, functionality, and signs of drafts.
    • Check doors for easy opening and closing, and ensure appropriate locking mechanisms.
    • Assess the structural integrity and safety of balconies, looking for visible damages or hazards.
  5. View the appliances:
    • Check for signs of wear, rust, or leaks in kitchen and bathroom appliances.
    • Find out the age of major appliances to estimate their remaining lifespan.
  6. Ask questions about recent repairs and the state of things:
    • Inquire about any current maintenance or repairs on plumbing, electrical systems, and HVAC.
    • Check for water pressure in faucets and inspect pipes for leaks.
    • Test light fixtures, switches, and outlets to ensure they function correctly.
  7. Inquire about shared amenities:
    • Verify the condition and functionality of shared amenities like elevators and patios.
    • Ask about scheduled maintenance or recent improvements in shared spaces.
  8. Be sure to review and inspect the exterior and inquire about any recent repairs:
    • Examine the exterior of the building for signs of damage, such as cracks or water damage.
    • Seek Information about recent repairs to the building’s structure or exterior features.
    • Check the condition of common areas outside, including parking lots and landscaping.
  9. Take note of any agreed-upon repairs and review them:
    • Confirm that any previously agreed-upon repairs have been addressed.
    • Review the quality of completed repairs and ensure they meet the agreed-upon standards.
    • If repairs are pending, inquire about the timeline for completion and documentation of the agreed-upon changes.

We hope this thorough condo walk through inspection leaves you feeling more equipped to move forward with your home purchase. For extra confidence and support, team up with our experienced team of brokers today!


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