November 10, 2020
Your Luxury Interior Design Guide for Condos
A Helpful Guide to Luxury Condo Interior Design
By Lindsay Smith

Once you’re ready to make the move to a new luxury Chicago condo, it’s time to start the design and decorating process. 

A well-designed space can instantly turn your house into a home, but it’s important to follow some general rules and guidelines when going about upgrading your interior space. So what are you waiting for? Read on for our helpful guide to interior design for luxury condos.

Define Your Style 

There are so many design styles out there when looking to upgrade your interior space, so be sure to define your own style first. 

Scroll through Pinterest and start a board of all the things you like. This can include furniture, decor, designed rooms, and even graphics and pieces of art as well. Then, pick out your top 10-20 inspiration pieces and start a mood board. A mood board gives you an overall vibe of the space and sets the tone for the design of your room. 

If you don’t have a clue where to start with creating a mood board, check out these trending interior design styles to help guide the direction:

Make a Plan

After choosing your style, sit down and make a plan. Note all decor and furnishings you’d like to keep and what should go. Then, decide where your kept furniture will go in your new condo.

To get a better visualization of the space, create a to-scale floor plan. This means taking all measurements of the room and your current furniture, mapping out your floor plan, and deciding where all your existing furniture will go. Then, consider which new furniture you’d like to purchase for your new condo design.

Pick a Palette

Once you’ve defined your style, created your mood board, decided which furniture is staying and which is going, and drafted a floor plan, it’s time to pick a palette!

Take your mood board and the current furnishings you wish to keep and see what colors overlap. Choose a palette that marries the two nicely and then begin to pick your new furniture pieces based on the palette.

If you’re working with a smaller condo, it may be wise to choose a more neutral color scheme with subtle pops of color. Also, the size of your space will ultimately dictate the appropriate choice of patterns and textures. As a rule of thumb, one should use less and lighter patterns with smaller rooms to keep the space feeling open, while using bolder and brighter colors in larger condos can make your home feel cozier.

And yes, you can mix patterns! Just be sure to use large-scale patterns as a dominant pattern and combine them with medium to smaller-scale patterns to accent.

Determine Your Budget

Once you’ve chosen your color scheme, the next step is purchasing your new furniture and decor items! Before doing so, determine your budget and note your max expenditure for every room. Make sure to include some wiggle room for any small accessories, shipping, tax, etc.

For more tips and tricks on re-designing your space, check out our top 3 luxury condo interior design tips and 13 condo design ideas for small spaces.

Now that you’re all set with the framework for upgrading a space, it’s time to find your new home! If you’re ready to pick your next condo, get in touch with our experienced team of leasing professionals today to help guide your search.


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