November 17, 2020
Designing Luxury Condos
Top 3 Luxury Condo Interior Design Tips 
By Lindsay Smith

As we head into 2021, that means it’s time to refresh your condo space! We’ve collected some of the top condo interior design tips from Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy, and HGTV for you to try in your new luxury condo.

Top Interior Design Trends for Condos

This year is the year of personality. With all of us spending much more time indoors, we’re taking time to really reflect on how our space tells our story. Play up your personality and incorporate some of these latest interior design trends in your new condo:

Bold wall colors and wallpapers are back and better than ever! Instead of accent walls, designers are now filling entire rooms with a bold pattern or color. In lieu of creating a home full of personality, this trend really plays on your own personal style. 

Biophilic design is another up and coming style to incorporate when looking to upgrade your interior space. With our fast paced lives, we sometimes lose sight of the beautiful nature around us, and that’s where the biophilic design elements come in. Think unfinished wood accents, loads of natural light and of course, all the live plants.

One of the biggest interior design trends for condos that we have seen is the rise in two-tone kitchens. For example, you could mix black cabinets and white uppers, or white uppers with a wood-toned cabinet, the list goes on. This design tip even works for your kitchen island, so if you like the look of all white cabinets, throw a different color in your island.

The Best Way To Go About Updating Your Condo Space

It’s easy to find designs and inspiration pieces you like, but how do you go about updating your space? 

If you do decide to change your wall color, consider the purpose of the room first. Patterns and colors in living rooms and dining rooms give off a different vibe than if they were in your bedroom or workspace. A punchy print on the bedroom wall may bring more intensity than you’d like when trying to get some R+R, but it would be perfect for a dining room that encourages lots of conversation.

Finding indoor plants you can’t kill is pretty easy, but it becomes a bit trickier if you’re limited to natural light in your condo. If you do have windows but they’re covered with heavily patterned window treatments, try switching them out for a lighter semi-opaque curtain to let more light shine through.

When moving on to the next steps of upgrading to your two-tone kitchen, picking out the colors may just be the hardest part. There are so many routes to go with, and all the options online make it all the more difficult. First, find some inspiration photos online of kitchens you really like and see how they flow with the rest of the space. For example, if you have an open concept living and kitchen area, be sure the colors you pick blend for the kitchen nicely with the living room. Then, head to your local paint shop and pick out a few paint chips to bring back and see how they really match the space. 

What To Consider Before Upgrading Your Condo

When it comes time for the nitty gritty of completing the interior design projects, here are a few helpful tips before you take the steps to upgrade your condo.

Before making any major changes or renovations to your condo, always check with your HOA first. Proper licensing or regulations may be necessary in order to move forward with certain upgrades to your condo. Also, always be sure to do your due diligence and make sure that color or condo addition is exactly the one you want before moving forward with any new interior design project!

Whether you’re in the market to buy a new condo or looking to refresh your space with the latest condo design trends, Luxury Living Chicago is always here to help. Connect with our experienced team today for any questions you may have.

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