November 18, 2020
Luxury Interior Design Condo Ideas
The Latest Condo Unit Design Ideas
By LLCR Staff

Designing the perfect condo can be tricky, especially when working with limited room. However, with the right tips, it’s easy to maximize your space and beautify your home. 

The Latest Design Ideas for Condo Units 

  • Zone and define areas: Any homeowner wants to maximize their space, especially when living in tighter quarters. Try incorporating zones into your condo layout. For instance, use large area rugs or furniture to distinguish multipurpose areas in one open space.
  • Choose the colors wisely: The colors you incorporate in your condo can make a huge impact. Consider going with a white color palette throughout your unit. Not only does this neutral color palette create a sleek space, but it also helps make your condo feel larger. Also, don’t be afraid to add some pops of color here and there with some fun accent pieces.
  • More mirrors: Incorporating multiple mirrors into your living area can open up your space, making a small room feel larger and more inviting. Plus, mirrors help reflect light to brighten your place.
  • Keep the floor clear: In any condo, especially one with less square footage, you don’t want to cram your floors with stuff. Go for floating pieces, such as wall shelves and hanging plants, to help minimize clutter.
  • Install wall lights: Add a stylish touch and brighten up your small space by installing scones or wall lamps.
  • Invest in floor-to-ceiling draperies: Hanging up long curtains right where your wall meets the ceiling will instantly add height to your condo and make your living room feel more spacious.
  • Include natural elements: Consider bringing some life into your condo by adding some greenery or driftwood throughout your space.

Available Listings that Capture Some of the Latest Trends

  • 220 N Lincoln Park West #3G: This one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo boasts an unbeatable location with expansive views of Lincoln Park and downtown. Enjoy the views from the east-facing balcony or the spacious living and dining room area.
  • 400 N Lasalle St #1806: Consider this sleek studio in the heart of River North. The unit boasts hardwood flooring and thoughtful finishes throughout. Residents have access to upscale amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center and a heated outdoor pool.
  • 1108 N Ashland Ave #2: This extra wide, 3-bedroom duplex situated in Wicker Park offers an open floor plan and rare layout. Throughout this serenely beautiful home, you will find hardwood floors, impressive storage space, high ceilings, and doors, as well as tons of natural light. There’s plenty of room to get creative and take advantage of trendy design concepts. 

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