May 13, 2021
condo renovation ideas
Condo Renovation Ideas for Every Room
By Lindsay Smith

Renovating your condo can help turn your house into a home and is also a great way to improve the value of your home.

If you are looking to freshen up spaces in your condo, consider these renovation ideas for every room.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a complete gut renovation or a smaller scale kitchen facelift, there are many different ways to add value to your kitchen.

One of the largest improvements you can make to your kitchen is upgrading your kitchen cabinets. This can include completely swapping out your old cabinets for new ones or just giving them a fresh paint job. In addition to switching out your cabinetry color, adding new hardware to your cabinets can also add to the look and feel of your space.

If you upgrade your cabinets, you’re more than likely going to want to consider upgrading your countertops as well. If you’re going for a long-lasting option, a neutral quartz or granite countertop is a great way to go. 

If your space allows, you could also add an island. An island is such a great addition to your kitchen space, as it allows for more room to prep your food, adds a little extra storage space, and you can also use it as additional bar seating as well. When mapping out your island, just be sure there’s at least 42” of space between the kitchen counter and the island and there’s enough space for an island at least 4’ x 2’, but ideally larger. When choosing your island materials, you could either choose a cohesive palette to match the kitchen counters or mix it up by going with a complimentary scheme. For example, you could use white for the kitchen cabinets and black for the island, but feel free to play around to find a combo you like best.

When renovating your kitchen, you could also swap out your current appliances for brand new ones. Stainless steel is all the rave right now, so you truly can’t go wrong with those. If you’re working in a small space, there are also plenty of appliances built for small condo living you could incorporate throughout the space as well.

Another quick and easy renovation idea that you could do to upgrade your kitchen is adding a splash of new paint. No matter the vibe of your home, a fresh coat of paint can always help the space feel brand new. If you’re looking for a timeless color, you can’t go wrong with white, beige, gray, or any other neutral color.

If you want to showcase some of your beautiful kitchenware, you could also swap out a few cabinets for open shelving. If you need some inspiration, Pinterest has loads of ideas on what types of materials work best with your cabinets and finishes.

Calling all coffee aficionados and wine enthusiasts! Creating a space for your most beloved beverages is a must, but if you don’t have space to store them or you don’t want to leave them out on the kitchen counters, consider creating a wet bar in an unused corner of the kitchen.

Living Room Renovation Ideas

In addition to the kitchen, the living room is one of the spots you spend the most time in at home, so it’s important that your space feels homey and inviting.

One of the best ways to do this is to create more open space. If you have a closed-off living area, consider opening up some walls into the kitchen or dining areas to allow for more light to flow throughout your home. This will require getting in touch with your HOA for approval and local contractor to be sure any walls aren’t load-bearing.

Another renovation idea for your condo living space is to paint the walls. Lighter colors make your space feel more open and light, but there isn’t anything wrong with throwing a splash of color on the walls every now and then either. If you’re up for something a bit different, try out wallpaper on a wall or two. This trend is well on its way back and we highly recommend.

A great way to elevate your living room to the next level is by switching up the flooring. The most popular flooring for living rooms is hardwood, as it’s ultra durable for all the traffic throughout the space. If you’re leaning towards carpeting the living room, look for a low-pile option, as this tends to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life a bit more than other options.

Elevating your lighting situation in your living area is another way you can enhance your space. Recessed lighting is always a great option, but consider adding a chandelier or other statement light to give the room a more professional finished look.

If your living area doesn’t have a focal point, consider adding one of your own. One of the best ways you can do this is by adding a fireplace. Electric might be best if you’re working with a condo, but you can add a gorgeous tiling or brick surround to really bring the wow factor up a notch.

Fireplace not an option? Try a built-in bookshelf as your focal point. This will act as additional storage and a way to show off your personal belongings, prized possessions, and plethora of books.

Once your living room renovations are complete, consider these decorating tips and tricks to elevate your space even more.

Bedroom Renovation Ideas

Bedrooms are the place to get some shut eye, so it’s important to make sure your space feels calm and relaxed.

If you haven’t already updated your wall color or flooring, those are two simple ways to elevate your bedroom space. As for the color, choose something soothing like blues or beiges. For the flooring, carpeting is a great pick to amp up the coziness, and it also adds a little extra warmth for when you roll out of bed in the mornings too.

Another renovation idea for your bedroom is adding a walk-in closet or closet organizers where room allows. Turn that awkward unused space in your room into a closet or amp up the one you currently have by adding built-ins so you can have a perfectly organized closet all year around.

If you have a huge bedroom that you don’t even know what to do with, consider converting the space into two bedrooms. This one may require a little back and forth with the HOA, but if you get the green light, it’s a huge value-add to your property.

Tons of windows but no seating space? Consider adding a built-in bench. Creating a space to sit while putting on your shoes or curling up with a good book is so important for a bedroom, and it’s made even better if you can position it in front of a few windows. Bonus: built-in benches are also great for the storage you can get out of it too.

Another great way to elevate your bedroom space is by adding a wall-mounted headboard. This could cover the entire portion of your wall or just the little space above the bed, but adding a wall-mounted headboard helps create the focal point of the space. You could install a wall-mounted headboard with built-in side tables for more compact spaces, or make a big impact by covering the entire wall in upholstered wall panels or stained wood.

If you already have a headboard, you could also consider adding some floating shelves above the bed for additional decor and storage.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

The bathroom may just be the easiest spot to upgrade on a smaller budget because of its size.

Paint and flooring take the cake again for the easiest two ways to really upgrade your bathroom. In the bathroom, it’s okay to splurge a little on the flooring since it’s such a small footprint. Consider adding that tile you’ve been dreaming about but was too expensive to go all out in the kitchen. As for the paint, neutral never disappoints, but wallpapering is another great pick for the bathroom. Since it’s a smaller space and you won’t need as much, wallpapering will give you less of a headache and is less of a burden on your wallet. 

Another way to upgrade your bathroom is to optimize your storage by swapping your pedestal sink for a vanity. Doing so allows you to get rid of any clunky storage devices you were using in the bathroom and hide it in the new vanity. And if you already have a vanity in your bathroom but it needs an update, consider painting it to match your new style and throw in some updated hardware as well.

You could also switch up the metals throughout your bathroom. Instead of going for a full-out nickel or brass set, switch it up by throwing a black neutral hardware into the mix.

Another great addition to your bathroom is an upgraded showerhead. You could pick one with multiple sprays, an eco-friendly option, or a smart showerhead.

Installing new tiling is another option when you’re looking to renovate your bathroom. You could just swap out new tiles in the shower, or you could extend the tiling throughout the bathroom halfway up the wall as well.

Office Renovation Ideas

Our home offices have quickly become our new best friend and there’s no sign of it slowing down any time soon.

The first thing you can do to elevate your office space is by fixing up the walls. If you’re looking to paint, blue is a great color for an office, as it’s known to stimulate the mind. Neutrals always go well in this space too, especially if it’s small. And if you’re looking for something a little more outside of the box, wallpapering is a great option too.

Another renovation idea for your home office is to create a reading nook. This could be a built-in bench by a window or just pull up some accent chairs to a corner and add some built-in bookshelves beside it.

To help define the space a bit more, you could also consider adding some french doors to your home office. This also helps bring more light into the space.

If you’ve been working from your couch or dining space and are in need of a workspace of your own, you could create your own desk nook within an unused closet space. Throw a different color or wallpaper in the closet, hang some shelves, add a desk, and voila!

For more ways to maximize your office space, check out this blog.

Smart Home Condo Renovation Ideas

Smart home integration is such a great upgrade to your space, as it will help with selling your place down the road and takes your living experience to the next level.

Smart thermostats are one of the most popular features in homes that we’re seeing today. These smart home upgrades allow you to create automatic temperature settings based on your daily schedule or weather conditions and can also connect to Alexa for a further seamless experience.

Built-in speakers are another great option when looking to upgrade your home. Speakers can get clunky and wiring can be an eyesore, but integrated speakers in the ceiling is a great option for creating a luxe space in a minimalist setting.

Another smart home renovation idea is to upgrade your electrical switches and outlets. Newer homes are accommodating USB ports so you no longer have to worry about the charging blocks.

There are many questions you may have when you begin your condo renovations, so be sure to check out our blog about everything you need to know before you start your condo renovations.

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