November 4, 2020
Condo vs. house
Top 3 Townhouse vs. Condo Advantages to Know
By LLCR Staff

Townhouses and condos both offer unique benefits over apartments and single-family residences. While both properties tend to be more affordable than single-family homes, they also offer lower maintenance, close communities, and hard-to-beat convenience.

Let’s compare the top three townhouse vs. condo advantages.

Advantages of Condos

  1. Among the many perks of condo living, this type of housing’s low maintenance remains a primary incentive for buyers. The condo’s homeowner association handles most of the maintenance projects, including keeping up with the exterior, and taking care of major repairs in the unit. Residents will never have to worry about shoveling snow or mowing the grass.
  2. Shared amenities is a huge selling point when it comes to condos. Why wouldn’t you want a pool, gym, and workspace all within your building? Through association fees, condos can fund an assortment of these shared amenities.  While amenities vary depending on the condo, you can choose which amenities are non-negotiable during the browsing process
  3. Condo living can help create a tight-knit community. With residents living close to one another, it’s easy for neighbors to connect simply by crossing paths or using shared amenities. Living near others also means that if there were an emergency, you’d have plenty of people to turn to.

Advantages of Townhouses

  1. Townhomes provide an excellent option for someone looking for the perks of a single-family home at a more affordable cost with less maintenance. This means getting to enjoy that perfectly kept front-yard, without having to purchase a lawnmower. Townhome homeowner associations maintain responsibility for some or all of the exterior, as well as the shared space.
  2. Due to the proximity of neighbors, townhome residents often feel an extra sense of security in their community. It is easy to get to know the people around you and keep an eye out for each other’s property and suspicious activity, ensuring a better night’s rest and worry-free trips away from home.
  3. Lower turnover rates attracts many potential buyers to condos. This means that residents often stay put for more extended periods of time than those living in condos, which can also promote better neighbor relations and a greater sense of community.

Finding the Right One for You

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