October 11, 2022
condo interior design ideas
Condo Interior Design Ideas — A Room-by-Room Guide
By LLCR Staff

Whether you’ve owned your condo for a long time or are a first-time buyer, there’s always something to be said for making a space truly your own. Interior design updates can be as topical as wallpaper and as intensive as knocking down walls, but the purpose of these renovations remains the same: to customize your home to fit the functionality you need and the aesthetic you want.

Refreshing your space can feel overwhelming – and it’s true that great updates do take time. If you don’t know where to begin, consider the room in your house you spend the most time in and start there. Or take a holistic approach and get all rooms done at once!

No matter your process, consider these tips for each room in your home.

Condo Interior Design Ideas for the Kitchen

As the gathering space of your condo, the kitchen is an important update both functionally and physically. For this reason, considering and incorporating your individual style is important. 

Some ideas might include:

  • Bright, white motifs that brighten the room. These could include white wood cabinets or granite countertops.
  • Stainless-steel appliances that stand the test of time and go with any style.
  • Rich wood accents that add warmth and balance to the room.
  • Brass accents such as cabinet pulls or knobs to add a subtle element of sophistication.
  • Sculptured lighting to add a large design piece that speaks to your taste.
  • Minimalism, which will keep things looking neat and tidy.


Interior Design Styles for your Condo Living Room

Coupled with the kitchen, the living room is an important room for hosting – which is why pairing design styles with the kitchen is a great approach to consider.

Some styles to choose from:

  • Modern, which is great for sleek, high-rise condos. This could include a monochromatic color palette and natural materials.
  • Industrial – a style that pairs beautifully with urban lofts. Industrial elements feature dark colors and exposed fixtures.
  • Scandinavian, which is a Nordic-inspired approach that’s minimal yet cozy. Hallmark Scandinavian features might include neutral palettes with pops of color, and organic materials that embrace light.
  • Farmhouse – an approach that’s currently popular due to its simplicity and practicality. Facets of farmhouse style might be mix-match furniture and a white motif.
  • Mid-Century Modern, an aesthetic that’s making a comeback because of its emphasis on wood furniture and simple geometric lines.


How to Design Your Condo Bedroom

As the most personal space in your condo, your bedroom is the best place to lean heavily into your personal preferences. 

The process of refreshing your bedroom is important to get right – but with the right approach, you’ll be thrilled with the result:

  1. Start with a design quiz – a great starting point no matter which room you’re redecorating. This will ensure you’re making design choices that truly match your preferences.
  2. Consider your budget, and set a budget before you begin.
  3. Sketch your layout. This is an especially important step for your room, where space can be more limited.
  4. Start with the big pieces, like your bed and dresser, first – these will set the aesthetic tone for the space.
  5. Hone in on personal touches since your bedroom is such a personal space. Include photos, books and other nostalgic items to truly make the room your own.


Tips for Designing Your Condo Home Office

If you’re fortunate enough to have a den or office in your condo, designing the space will be a matter of purpose and style. 

Depending on what you use your home office for, these tips will make your space as useful and enjoyable as possible:

  • Make the desk the star. As the centerpiece of the room, your desk will determine the look and feel of the rest of the space.
  • Consider an accent wall, which doubles as a beautiful design element and fun zoom background. This could be a gallery wall, wallpaper or simple pop of color.
  • Add inspiration in the form of photos, quotes and objectives – whatever inspires you will undoubtedly have an impact on how you feel when using the office.
  • Plan for rest by adding a couch or lounge chair. These visual cues will ensure you build breaks into your workday, and are an inviting place for others to meet or join you.


Interior Design Ideas for your Condo Dining Room

As a public gathering place in your condo, the dining room is the perfect space to express your style to guests. 

When you approach designing your dining room, consider these ideas:

  • Be choosey about your table, as this piece will determine the aesthetic and functionality of the room. A round table is better for wide spaces, whereas a rectangular table fits an oblong room better.
  • Show off your individuality by including family photos, heirloom plates and any additional personal touches that could make your guests feel at home.
  • Add a bar cart! This item isn’t just trendy; it also allows you to show off your style and have drinks within an arm’s reach. 
  • Refresh your lighting options to match your table, which will create a cohesive look throughout the whole room.
  • Incorporate color, even if your style is modern. This design choice will accent any furniture you have in the room, and make the space inviting for your guests.


Condo Bathroom Design Ideas

Your bathroom is easy to overlook when considering condo renovations, but as an important part of your routine, it’s well-worth updating.

As you choose your bathroom updates, you might:

  • Use paint to spruce up and modernize the space.
  • Update your hardware by replacing old knobs or towel bars, which are easy ways to elevate the space.
  • Choose light bulbs that create a calming atmosphere. These will be labeled as “cool white,” “bright white” or “daylight.” Don’t forget to include a light fixture in your updates, too!
  • Create natural aromatherapy and liven the space with plants. 
  • Add shelves to maximize space while keeping the room design-forward. This step is a great way to cleverly hide any necessities!
  • Incorporate a stylish mat to keep things cozy.
  • Select a candle that contributes to the ambiance with a smell that you love.


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