When Making the Transition From Home to High Rise, You Should Know This

While it may seem like quite the adjustment, the transition from home to high rise can prove to be an exciting move for many!

Living the high rise life does involve making some sacrifices, but it also comes with a whole new set of perks for residents.

What the Major Differences Are

One of the key incentives to high rise living is the convenience offered. Some advantages help simplify the lives of residents, especially those who have lived in a single-family home prior.

Space- Transitioning from home to high rise generally involves giving up some space. While this may initially seem like a loss, many often find this downsizing to be a blessing. 

Less square feet means less space to worry about- less space to decorate, less space to clean, and less space to manage.

To make this shift smoother, be sure to purge before your move. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed with stuff at your new space, so make an effort to discard anything that isn’t necessary.

Amenities- Many high rise apartment buildings gain residents access to desirable amenities. 

Imagine not having to leave your building to take advantage of a state-of-the-art fitness center, pool, or business center? Some developments may even offer services like dry cleaning, valet, or room service.

As you hunt for the perfect high rise, be sure to make a list of ideal amenities. 

Maintenance- When you’re living in a single-family home, maintenance falls under the owner’s responsibility. High rise residents, on the other hand, hand these burdens over to the property management team.

If you need something repaired or replaced, simply put in a maintenance request and let someone else resolve the issue.

Security– Another perk to high rise living is the extra layer of protection. 

Most properties provide security cameras, doormen, security guards, and other staff to improve the level of safety for residents.

Additional Things you May Want to Consider

Making the transition from home to high rise also means adjusting your budget. 

Depending on the property you choose, the chances are that your high rise will cost you less than owning a single-family home. This means more money in the bank account to save or spend somewhere else.

Living in a high-rise also alleviates stress and responsibility. Residents don’t have to allocate the same amount of attention to property maintenance as homeowners. 

Additional Resources

Any move can feel like a significant adjustment. That’s why the Luxury Living team is here to ensure a smooth transition from home to high rise.

Check out our other blog posts for more insight into the moving process. Be sure to read up on what items to move into your high rise, top Chicago moving tips, and condo interior design ideas!

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