13 Condo Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. There are plenty of tips and tricks to expand your square footage and make the most of your floor plan without sacrificing comfort or style. Here are some helpful condo design tips when working with a smaller space.

Common Design Ideas for Smaller Spaces

No space goes to waste when looking to design your compact condo.

Start Neutral

Lighter shades make rooms appear bigger than they are, so think about painting your walls a creamy white or beige. The neutral palette doesn’t have to stop at the paint color either, it also may be helpful to utilize neutral anchor pieces like cabinets or sofas. Plus, homes with neutral palettes tend to sell a lot quicker too. 

Don’t Shy Away From Patterns

If you’re not into the all-white interiors, good news because your space definitely doesn’t have to be! Show off your personality with accessories like bright throw pillows or a textured print accent chair. Bright patterns typically tend to lighten the space too, so definitely think about incorporating some of those.

Harmonize The Space

No matter which palette you choose to go with, just be sure your space is in harmony. Choosing a color palette with coordinating shades or repeating metals in the hardware and furnishings are just some of the ways you can harmonize your entire condo space.

Increase Your Natural Light

Even if you weren’t blessed with tons of natural light in your condo, you can give the illusion of more light with mirrors. Mirrors really open up the space and also tend to double the light in a room as well.

Layer Lighting

Don’t just stick to one type of lighting. In order to create a cozy and curated interior space, include many levels of lighting like floor lamps, pendants, sconces, chandeliers, task lights, flush mounts, etc.

Draw Your Eyes Up

In the theme of creating the illusion of more room, drawing your eyes up is another key tip! Think floor-to-ceiling draperies, pendants or drop lights, and floor-to-ceiling wall shelving.

Linear Prints Are Your Friend

The best kind of prints for small spaces are ones with geometric shapes or vertical lines. These prints tend to open up the room and give the illusion of more vertical and horizontal space.

Create Zones and Define Rooms

If you’re working with a small condo space, you’re in luck because the traditional days of a separate workspace, dining, or living room are over. Now, buyers are making the most of their space by “zoning” rooms. If you’re living in a 1-bed condo but need a space for work, section off a part of the living room by painting an accent wall where the desk is. You can also play around with defining your zones by using rugs or furniture as well. 

Multifunctional Furniture Is Key

Choosing furniture pieces that have more than one purpose means you can get all the functionality for less. Think foldaway dining tables or desks, a moveable kitchen island, convertible sofa bed, or bedroom dividers full of storage.

Pack In The Storage

Storage is so important when you’re living in a small condo space. Incorporating hidden storage throughout your home is the best way to keep the clutter out of site. For example, consider switching out a pedestal bathroom sink to a vanity sink with storage. You could also make the most of under-bed storage, built-in wall storage, or entryway storage.

Always Have An Entryway

No matter the size of your space, you should always have an entryway zone to drop off your keys or hang your coat. Even if it’s only a foot wide — a mirror, a few hooks, and a thin console table with a key tray makes all the difference. 

Don’t Skimp On The Rug

Nothing says tiny condo like a rug that doesn’t fit your furniture! As a rule of thumb, your rug should be large enough so that most of the furniture in the setting fits on it. 

Maximize Your Negative Space

Negative space is key when giving the illusion of more room in your condo. Floating media consoles, glass coffee tables, floating shelves, or exposed legs on your couch gives both you and the ground some breathing room.

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The Latest Condo Unit Design Ideas

Designing the perfect condo can be tricky, especially when working with limited room. However, with the right tips, it’s easy to maximize your space and beautify your home. 

The Latest Design Ideas for Condo Units 

  • Zone and define areas: Any homeowner wants to maximize their space, especially when living in tighter quarters. Try incorporating zones into your condo layout. For instance, use large area rugs or furniture to distinguish multipurpose areas in one open space.
  • Choose the colors wisely: The colors you incorporate in your condo can make a huge impact. Consider going with a white color palette throughout your unit. Not only does this neutral color palette create a sleek space, but it also helps make your condo feel larger. Also, don’t be afraid to add some pops of color here and there with some fun accent pieces.
  • More mirrors: Incorporating multiple mirrors into your living area can open up your space, making a small room feel larger and more inviting. Plus, mirrors help reflect light to brighten your place.
  • Keep the floor clear: In any condo, especially one with less square footage, you don’t want to cram your floors with stuff. Go for floating pieces, such as wall shelves and hanging plants, to help minimize clutter.
  • Install wall lights: Add a stylish touch and brighten up your small space by installing scones or wall lamps.
  • Invest in floor-to-ceiling draperies: Hanging up long curtains right where your wall meets the ceiling will instantly add height to your condo and make your living room feel more spacious.
  • Include natural elements: Consider bringing some life into your condo by adding some greenery or driftwood throughout your space.

Available Listings that Capture Some of the Latest Trends

  • 220 N Lincoln Park West #3G: This one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo boasts an unbeatable location with expansive views of Lincoln Park and downtown. Enjoy the views from the east-facing balcony or the spacious living and dining room area.
  • 400 N Lasalle St #1806: Consider this sleek studio in the heart of River North. The unit boasts hardwood flooring and thoughtful finishes throughout. Residents have access to upscale amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center and a heated outdoor pool.
  • 1108 N Ashland Ave #2: This extra wide, 3-bedroom duplex situated in Wicker Park offers an open floor plan and rare layout. Throughout this serenely beautiful home, you will find hardwood floors, impressive storage space, high ceilings, and doors, as well as tons of natural light. There’s plenty of room to get creative and take advantage of trendy design concepts. 

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Top 3 Luxury Condo Interior Design Tips 

As we head into 2021, that means it’s time to refresh your condo space! We’ve collected some of the top condo interior design tips from Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy, and HGTV for you to try in your new luxury condo.

Top Interior Design Trends for Condos

This year is the year of personality. With all of us spending much more time indoors, we’re taking time to really reflect on how our space tells our story. Play up your personality and incorporate some of these latest interior design trends in your new condo:

Bold wall colors and wallpapers are back and better than ever! Instead of accent walls, designers are now filling entire rooms with a bold pattern or color. In lieu of creating a home full of personality, this trend really plays on your own personal style. 

Biophilic design is another up and coming style to incorporate when looking to upgrade your interior space. With our fast paced lives, we sometimes lose sight of the beautiful nature around us, and that’s where the biophilic design elements come in. Think unfinished wood accents, loads of natural light and of course, all the live plants.

One of the biggest interior design trends for condos that we have seen is the rise in two-tone kitchens. For example, you could mix black cabinets and white uppers, or white uppers with a wood-toned cabinet, the list goes on. This design tip even works for your kitchen island, so if you like the look of all white cabinets, throw a different color in your island.

The Best Way To Go About Updating Your Condo Space

It’s easy to find designs and inspiration pieces you like, but how do you go about updating your space? 

If you do decide to change your wall color, consider the purpose of the room first. Patterns and colors in living rooms and dining rooms give off a different vibe than if they were in your bedroom or workspace. A punchy print on the bedroom wall may bring more intensity than you’d like when trying to get some R+R, but it would be perfect for a dining room that encourages lots of conversation.

Finding indoor plants you can’t kill is pretty easy, but it becomes a bit trickier if you’re limited to natural light in your condo. If you do have windows but they’re covered with heavily patterned window treatments, try switching them out for a lighter semi-opaque curtain to let more light shine through.

When moving on to the next steps of upgrading to your two-tone kitchen, picking out the colors may just be the hardest part. There are so many routes to go with, and all the options online make it all the more difficult. First, find some inspiration photos online of kitchens you really like and see how they flow with the rest of the space. For example, if you have an open concept living and kitchen area, be sure the colors you pick blend for the kitchen nicely with the living room. Then, head to your local paint shop and pick out a few paint chips to bring back and see how they really match the space. 

What To Consider Before Upgrading Your Condo

When it comes time for the nitty gritty of completing the interior design projects, here are a few helpful tips before you take the steps to upgrade your condo.

Before making any major changes or renovations to your condo, always check with your HOA first. Proper licensing or regulations may be necessary in order to move forward with certain upgrades to your condo. Also, always be sure to do your due diligence and make sure that color or condo addition is exactly the one you want before moving forward with any new interior design project!

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A Helpful Guide to Luxury Condo Interior Design

Once you’re ready to make the move to a new luxury Chicago condo, it’s time to start the design and decorating process. 

A well-designed space can instantly turn your house into a home, but it’s important to follow some general rules and guidelines when going about upgrading your interior space. So what are you waiting for? Read on for our helpful guide to interior design for luxury condos.

Define Your Style 

There are so many design styles out there when looking to upgrade your interior space, so be sure to define your own style first. 

Scroll through Pinterest and start a board of all the things you like. This can include furniture, decor, designed rooms, and even graphics and pieces of art as well. Then, pick out your top 10-20 inspiration pieces and start a mood board. A mood board gives you an overall vibe of the space and sets the tone for the design of your room. 

If you don’t have a clue where to start with creating a mood board, check out these trending interior design styles to help guide the direction:

Make a Plan

After choosing your style, sit down and make a plan. Note all decor and furnishings you’d like to keep and what should go. Then, decide where your kept furniture will go in your new condo.

To get a better visualization of the space, create a to-scale floor plan. This means taking all measurements of the room and your current furniture, mapping out your floor plan, and deciding where all your existing furniture will go. Then, consider which new furniture you’d like to purchase for your new condo design.

Pick a Palette

Once you’ve defined your style, created your mood board, decided which furniture is staying and which is going, and drafted a floor plan, it’s time to pick a palette!

Take your mood board and the current furnishings you wish to keep and see what colors overlap. Choose a palette that marries the two nicely and then begin to pick your new furniture pieces based on the palette.

If you’re working with a smaller condo, it may be wise to choose a more neutral color scheme with subtle pops of color. Also, the size of your space will ultimately dictate the appropriate choice of patterns and textures. As a rule of thumb, one should use less and lighter patterns with smaller rooms to keep the space feeling open, while using bolder and brighter colors in larger condos can make your home feel cozier.

And yes, you can mix patterns! Just be sure to use large-scale patterns as a dominant pattern and combine them with medium to smaller-scale patterns to accent.

Determine Your Budget

Once you’ve chosen your color scheme, the next step is purchasing your new furniture and decor items! Before doing so, determine your budget and note your max expenditure for every room. Make sure to include some wiggle room for any small accessories, shipping, tax, etc.

Now that you’re all set with the framework for upgrading a space, it’s time to find your new home! If you’re ready to pick your next condo, get in touch with our experienced team of leasing professionals today to help guide your search.

Top 3 Townhouse vs. Condo Advantages to Know

Townhouses and condos both offer unique benefits over apartments and single-family residences. While both properties tend to be more affordable than single-family homes, they also offer lower maintenance, close communities, and hard-to-beat convenience.

Let’s compare the top three townhouse vs. condo advantages.

Advantages of Condos

  1. Among the many perks of condo living, this type of housing’s low maintenance remains a primary incentive for buyers. The condo’s homeowner association handles most of the maintenance projects, including keeping up with the exterior, and taking care of major repairs in the unit. Residents will never have to worry about shoveling snow or mowing the grass.
  2. Shared amenities is a huge selling point when it comes to condos. Why wouldn’t you want a pool, gym, and workspace all within your building? Through association fees, condos can fund an assortment of these shared amenities.  While amenities vary depending on the condo, you can choose which amenities are non-negotiable during the browsing process
  3. Condo living can help create a tight-knit community. With residents living close to one another, it’s easy for neighbors to connect simply by crossing paths or using shared amenities. Living near others also means that if there were an emergency, you’d have plenty of people to turn to.

Advantages of Townhouses

  1. Townhomes provide an excellent option for someone looking for the perks of a single-family home at a more affordable cost with less maintenance. This means getting to enjoy that perfectly kept front-yard, without having to purchase a lawnmower. Townhome homeowner associations maintain responsibility for some or all of the exterior, as well as the shared space.
  2. Due to the proximity of neighbors, townhome residents often feel an extra sense of security in their community. It is easy to get to know the people around you and keep an eye out for each other’s property and suspicious activity, ensuring a better night’s rest and worry-free trips away from home.
  3. Lower turnover rates attracts many potential buyers to condos. This means that residents often stay put for more extended periods of time than those living in condos, which can also promote better neighbor relations and a greater sense of community.

Finding the Right One for You

If you still need assistance weighing the townhouse vs. condo advantages, get in touch with one of our licensed brokers today.

Our experienced team members can help assess your wants and needs in a home and find the most suitable property for you. They will also be there to streamline the home-buying process and ensure that no questions go unanswered.

4 New Condo Buildings in Chicago

Want a Condo Instead of a Townhome? You Have Plenty of Options 

If you’re interested in finding a condo to call home, rest assured that the Windy City offers a wide range of options.

Discover just a few of our favorite new condo buildings in Chicago:

  1. 736 W Schubert Avenue #1– If you’re looking for a spacious condo, this four-bed, three-bath delivers plenty of room. Located right on the edge of Lincoln Park and Lakeview, this sprawling duplex offers an unrivaled location. Future residents will have access to three unrivaled outdoor spaces, including a charming secluded front terrace, a large back deck and a full, common back yard.
  2. 2020 N Lincoln Park West #3G– Situated steps from Lincoln Park, the Zoo, and the waterfront, this one-bedroom, one-bath boasts a premier location with an east-facing balcony overlooking the park. Along with a recently remodeled bathroom, the unit provides stainless steel kitchen appliances, ample storage, and hardwood floors throughout the bedrooms and living space.
  3. 474 N Lake Shore Drive #5301– This completely renovated 53rd-floor studio in the heart of Streeterville offers the ultimate downtown Chicago living experience. Residents can enjoy upscale amenities and finishes, including brand new kitchen appliances, high gloss cabinetry, and an attached parking garage.
  4. 1108 N Ashland Avenue #2– With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, this wide Wicker Park duplex truly lives like a single-family home. Rare in its layout, size of living space, high-end finishes, and attention to detail, every room in this home has been artfully curated harmoniously blending modern finishes with quality design.

Benefits of Living in a Condo

Condo living comes with its own sets of perks. One of the most desirable incentives for owners is the low maintenance associated with this type of housing. The condo association handles most of the maintenance projects, including mowing the grass, shoveling the snow, keeping up with the exterior, and taking care of major repairs in the unit.

Many condo buildings also provide common areas and shared amenities that residents can enjoy. From outdoor spaces, such as pools and dog runs, to indoor facilities, like gyms and workspaces, you can find many desirable services and areas within a condo building. 

The new condo buildings in Chicago offer unprecedented convenience for residents. Along with everything that owners can find in the building, many of the condos are also in a central location, near restaurants, shopping, and public transit.

If you’re interested in learning more or touring one of the new buildings in Chicago, connect with one of our experienced brokers today!

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