Dogs Living in Condos: Here’s What You Should Know

Are you in the process of finding a condo with your furry friend?

As dogs living in condos becomes more popular, it’s helpful to know how to make your condo compatible for you, your canine, and those around you.

Overview of What it’s Like for a Dog Living in a Condo

Transitioning pups to condo living doesn’t have to be a challenge, as long as you prepare properly.

While dogs don’t necessarily need a backyard of their own, they do require adequate exercise and outdoor space. It’s ideal to find a condo that provides easy access to a park or green space for exercising and playing with your pooch.

You also want to make sure that your condo is fully stocked with toys for your four-legged friend to enjoy, especially if you have a puppy in the house. This way, your pet has plenty of things to keep his or her attention.

While many condos are pet-friendly, pet owners should be prepared for the policies that come with having an animal in their unit. Condo buildings may enforce policies that involve screening pets or limiting the types of animals allowed to live in the building.

With condo living, it’s also important to remember that you share walls with your neighbors. Out of respect for those around you, training your pup beforehand will make the living experience better for you and others.

What Amenities may be Available for your Pet

You may be surprised by all of the dog-friendly amenities out there. 

While it’s common for condos to offer green space for you and your pup, some buildings even offer dog-specific parks just for the pets. These dog parks make an excellent way for dogs and their owners to befriend other neighbors.

Pet spas have also become a growing trend at luxury condo buildings. It’s not uncommon to find dog washing and grooming stations in your building to keep your pup squeaky clean.

LLCR Pet-Friendly Condo Offerings

Luxury Living Chicago Realty boasts an impressive portfolio of premier pet-friendly properties. We offer luxury condos throughout Chicago that offer high-end finishes and outstanding amenities for pets and owners alike.

With a better understanding of what it’s like for dogs living in condos, begin your search for the dream pet-friendly condo today.

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