What You Need to Know About a Condo Board Meeting

If you are a condo owner, or in the process of becoming one, chances are you’ll eventually be invited to a condo board meeting. Before attending one of these meetings, it’s important to understand why they exist and how they operate.

Overview of a Condo Board Meeting

When you purchase a condominium unit, you automatically become a member of a homeowner association and are expected to pay regular membership dues.

This association is run by an elected board of directors, which handles the maintenance and repair of common areas, disputing among unit owners, and enforcement of rules and regulations, and condominium fees.

This association board is required to arrange condo board meetings because it operates as a corporation and therefore needs to meet with its officers and shareholders- in this case, board members and homeowners. 

The condo board meetings allocate regular time for the board to manage the day-to-day administration of the condo association.

Things New Condo Owners Should Know

If you’ve recently purchased a condo unit and you’re new to the association, there are a couple of things to keep in mind about condo board meetings.

First, before attending a scheduled meeting, ensure that it’s not a “closed-door” meeting for board directors only. However, in most cases, unit owners are legally allowed to attend open board meetings.

Even if the meeting is open to the entire association, you may not have the right to actively participate or vote during the board meeting. Annual meetings are designated at another time during the year to open up the floor to all members of the association to discuss broader issues.

Condo associations are always required to send out a notice at least 48 hours before a condo board meeting.These notices need to be mailed directly to all members of the association. They are also often posted around the condominium building.

As a new condo owner, it may be in your interest to attend these condo board meetings, although they aren’t required. Being present for these conversations can help you stay up to speed with board decisions that may directly improve your quality of life and the value of your property.

These meetings can also help you better prepare for the annual meetings when your voice can be heard, and you have the ability to vote on important matters.

Additional Resources

For additional information regarding your condo board meetings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your association’s board directly. You can also request access to your association’s board policies.

If you’re in the process of finding a condo, your licensed broker is a great resource to learn more about your prospective condo association and its board meetings.

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Check Out Sheffield Neighbors

If you are looking for that neighborhood charm, but not ready to give up the convenience and entertainment of a large city, you may want to begin your search for the perfect condo in Sheffield Neighbors.

Overview of the Neighborhood

Sheffield Neighbors, also known as the ‘Garden District of Chicago’, is a part of the larger Lincoln Park neighborhood on the north side of Chicago. It is located inside the boundaries of W Fullerton, N Halsted, W Armitage, W Cortland, N Southport, and N Clybourn.

The Lincoln Park neighborhood remains a hub for transportation, providing residents with easy access to the highways, Lake Shore Drive, and multiple CTA stations.

Sheffield Neighbors National Historic District was developed in the late 1800s, boasting incredible history you can’t find in every neighborhood. In fact, in 1976 Sheffield became one of the first communities in Illinois to be designated a National Historic District by the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Over the past fifty years, the annual Sheffield Music Festival and Art Walk brings neighbors and visitors together to honor the community’s rich history. All of the proceeds help fund sustainable community projects.

Since its early beginnings, Sheffield Neighbors has remained a popular place for Chicagoans to reside.

Currently, Sheffield Neighbors boasts some of the best shops, restaurants, bars, and attractions in Chicago.

Stroll along Halsted Street to find top-rated dining, including Cafe Ba-Ba-Reba, Oyster Bah, and Summer House Santa Monica.

After a delicious meal, head over to for a shopping trip at Art Effect or treat your sweet tooth at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.

If you’re in the mood for an artsy afternoon, don’t miss the DePaul Art Museum. This world-class museum offers free entrance to the public and features an impressive collection of international modern and contemporary art.

Where to Find Condos

The middle portion of Sheffield Neighbors is full of residential living, sprinkled with historic brownstones and luxury units throughout.

If you don’t mind living amidst hustle and bustle, consider looking for condos available on the perimeter of Sheffield’s Neighbors. These happening streets include Armitage, Halsted, Clybourne, and Fullerton.

Browse an interactive map on the Luxury Living site to find current condo listings throughout Sheffield Neighbors. The site allows you to visualize and browse through potential properties available.

How to Tour Them

If you find condos that catch your eye, the next move is to step foot in the property to get a better feel for the space and the community.

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